To Do/Got Done

The To-Do list is a time honored tradition with many people.  Years ago, a dear friend taught me that the trick to feeling you’re on top of your to-do list is to make the first item: “Make List.”  Then when your list is finished, you cross that off and think, “Wow look how well I’m doing!  One thing down already.”

I’ve’ accomplished a lot this weekend, thank goodness, and it occurred to me that something that might be even more helpful in many ways would be a Got-Done list, particularly so when you run out of steam and sit in your chair thinking “What the heck did I do today??” and feeling guilty for not doing enough.  Then you take out your Got-Done list and read all your accomplishments, and think, “I’m good.”

IMG_20170827_140219So here’s my Got Done list for the weekend, unfinished, I hope, because it’s still early and I’m starting to get my second wind.

Note: This list doesn’t include things I have to do every damn day like feeding the cats or brushing my teeth.

Got Done

  1. Made Coffee.
  2. Cleaned up coffee maker.
  3. Persisted in rinsing dishes and putting them into the dishwasher instead of dumping them in the sink and hoping the cleaning fairies will wash them. I have sucky cleaning fairies.
  4. Put together a new clothes hamper, much to the amusement of Glinda and Karen.
  5. Started filling laundry bags in new hamper.
  6. Put together the shelving unit you see to the right.  This took me about three hours, and involved one minor meltdown, some yelling, and a good deal of colorful language.  But it’s hella cool, and hella useful anyway.
  7. Started putting things away in said storage unit.
  8. Because of #6 above, I began cleaning up the cat/utility room, which is nothing short of a miracle.
  9. Cleaned the litter boxes. Ugh.  Worst job ever. Why can’t I train the cats to do this for themselves??
  10. Made lemon ice cream to test a review item. Nom.
  11. Made coffee again.
  12. Still rinsing dishes.  Go me!
  13. Chose an old hamper to put all my dirty rags into.  They’re really foul and need to be washed separately from anything else.  With bleach.  And boiling water.
  14. Walked around the house collecting dirty laundry of all sorts and tossing them into hampers.
  15. Walked around house collecting homeless lightbulbs and household electronics, and gave them homes.
  16. Did a bit of dusting.
  17. Installed new (for review) handles on a couple of cabinets and uninstalled them immediately since they were shite.
  18. Finished reading Magruder’s Cabinet of Curiosity.
  19. Reviewed Magruder’s Cabinet of Curiosity. 
  20. Reviewed ice cream maker.
  21. Cut a mat out of Leo’s ruff.
  22. Reviewed new hamper.
  23. Reviewed new shelving unit.
  24. Bagged up a bunch of garbage.  Not even close to being finished.

Look at that.  I’m good!


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