Of Spice and Men (No, not really, no men.)

So this afternoon was dedicated to making sense of my spice cabinet.  And it’s taken me almost three hours so far to empty it, clean it up, inventory the contents, put it all back, and then make some sense of the inventory.  And you know what?  I enjoyed it.  I have a dear friend named Karen, who I love ribbing about her passion for organization, but in truth, it makes so much sense to do things like this, and is so satisfying that I really do get it.  I won’t stop kidding her, but I do get it.  (I think she’s going to be very proud of me when she reads this.)

This is what it looks like:


And this is what’s in it.  ETA, the links are actually for me so I know what’s in the blends.  Sometimes it’s difficult to remember what a blend is good for.:

I also dumped some very old stuff, and made a list of what needs replacing.  I have a similar list of pantry contents, but I’m not going to bore anyone with that.  Herbs and spices are more fun than crackers.

For anyone who was keeping track, the new breadbox, with the help of silica packets, is keeping the bread nice and fresh without refrigeration.  I really recommend that as an alternative, but don’t forget the silica if you live in a humid climate.  Get the stuff that changes color, and check them regularly.  They can be recharged in the oven.

What a domestic post!


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