And then this happened

Because I’ve been depressed and anxious, knocked down by illness and the drugs that are supposed to treat all of the above, things have gotten away from me over the last year or so.  I don’t cook that much now, though I have rediscovered my Salad Whisperer talents recently.

But today I stumbled on a recipe for something called “Nordic Stone Age Bread,” over on Facebook.  (Pam either posted it or commented on it.  Either way, I saw it.)  It intrigued me because it was basically nothing but nuts, seeds, and eggs.  I’m a nut-eater now, though wasn’t when I was young.  Tastes change.  Anyway it looked simple so I hauled out all the nuts and seeds I had stockpiled and threw a batch together.  Also put together a bag of nuts and seeds for a second loaf, and tossed it in the freezer.

IMG_20170629_154722It was as easy as it looked.  I lined a loaf pan, heated the oven, measured out the ingredients and mixed, then baked it for an hour.  This is how it turned out.

It has no leavening so what you put into the pan is what you get out, no more no less.  And I don’t suppose I need to talk about how dense it is.  It’s nothing but nuts and seeds held together with egg, how could it not be dense?  I worried that it would be brittle and not cut well, but I cut a thick slice and a thin one and they both came out perfectly.  In fact I’m now thinking that I could cut some thin slices and toast them in the oven for a bit to make crackers.  Or maybe not.  There is a link to a similar cracker on the bread recipe page, and I plan on trying that as well.

IMG_20170629_161111Once cut, the next step was tasting it.  By itself it has the flavor of roasted nuts, and a nice texture.  It won’t give you much more than that, so toppings were the next order of business.  In spite of it being all nuts and seeds, and therefore a relatively high fat food, I tried a schmear of butter on it as well as a bit of queso fresco.  The butter added nothing to the mix, though it was sweet butter.  Salted might have tasted better.  The cheese was very good on it, and I think it would stand up to much stronger cheeses like aged Cheddar, a good Swiss, and even Parmesan.

Then I tried it with jam, and it was excellent.  Jam and queso was also very good.  I would say that this bread could easily be served as a sweet or a savory depending on topping.

IMG_20170629_161140It could also be made sweet or savory.  I’m thinking seriously about chopping up dried fruit and adding it to the mixture, with maybe a touch of honey.  Maybe.  Herbs or spices would go well in this too.

It’s crazy filling.  You are not going to be able to eat a lot of this at one sitting, and a loaf may keep you in nut bread for half of ever.  I cut my loaf in half and froze part since the recipe suggests that about a week in the fridge is all you can hope to get out of it.

I would suggest you experiment once you have this recipe down.  It says you must use a ratio of 2 cups of nuts to 4 cups of seeds, but I didn’t exactly do that because I saw no clear reason for it.  I think what you need to do is make sure that you only have about 2 cups of whole nuts, and that the rest of what you put in is in small pieces.  That’s why it holds together.  If it was all whole or halved large nuts, it would fall to pieces when you cut it.

Just FYI, I used almonds, walnuts and some praline pecans, which added no sweetness to the mix at all.  Seeds: chia, flax, sunflower, sesame, and pine nuts which are actually seeds. I had a bit over 6 cups of dry ingredients but 5 eggs were enough to hold it all together.  Do not skimp on the salt!

Disclaimer: I am not gluten-free, or on some kind of paleo diet, and the term “clean eating” makes me want to punch someone.  I am not big on food fads (gluten-free is critical for people with celiac disease.  The rest of us can actually do ourselves harm by eliminating it from our diet.) so my interest in this recipe comes from my curiosity about how this would work, and from my love of nuts and seeds.


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