Book Haul Day

51N6WOvZPQL[1]Ah, Tuesdays.  New release day.  I’d pre-ordered Eddie Izzard’s memoir, Believe Me, months ago, so when I got the email saying that it had arrived, I checked my Audible library and couldn’t immediately find it.  Panic!  Oh noes!  Then I remembered that the library is arranged chronologically and scrolled down.  Yes, there it was.  Ah, bliss.  Fourteen hours of listening to Eddie talk about “love, death, and jazz chickens.”  What could be better?

Actually if I wasn’t in the middle of the audiobook of The Left Hand of Darkness, that would be perfect, but I want to finish that one.  I abandoned another book to listen to the Le Guin; I don’t want to establish a pattern here.

But wait, the new Victor LaValle was also released today!  In fact, I checked last night about 11 p.m. and on impulse I clicked the pre-order button even though I shouldn’t have spent the money.  But The Housemate and I share libraries, so she’ll pick up the final volume of The Great Library when it comes out so we both benefit.


By the time I got to my Kindle about 11:30, The Changeling was in my library, so I sat up and read a quarter of the book last night.  Chapter 24 ended with me shuddering and thinking “ohgodohgod, this is bad.”  I love it when a book can do that to me, don’t you?  One reason why I acted on impulse was that I’d been seeing a lot of good chatter about the book from ARC readers, one of whom said that he’d read most of it with his shoulders hunched up to his ears.  If that isn’t a great recommendation, I don’t know what is.

And finally, a Vine request arrived today, an ARC of The Many Worlds of Albie Bright.  After an orgy of requesting books from Vine and NetGalley when I realized my reading mojo was back, I’ve tried to rein myself in.  Between the freebies, and the stuff I’ve been buying from Amazon and Thrift Books (If you’re not familiar with the latter, you should be!) I could read 24/7 for the next six months and still not get through TheManyWorldsofAlbieBright-70495-3-456x703[1]everything I have sitting here unread.  However the blurb for Albie Bright was irresistible.  Albie’s parents are astrophysicists (He’s named for Albert Einstein.) and when Albie’s mother dies, Albie’s father seeks to comfort his grieving son by telling him that she may be alive in a parallel universe.  So Albie sets out to universe hop in hope of finding her.

There was something about that which tickled a memory, and finally I realized that it reminded me a bit of A Wrinkle in Time which I first read when I was eight or nine, and which has remained a favorite for my whole life.  If Albie’s story is even half as intriguing as Meg Murray’s, this is going to be wonderful.

So that’s my Tuesday.  I also have a shipment coming from Thrift Books, but in my defense I have to say that my intention was to order a clematis handbook for the garden library The Housemate and I keep, and of course since it was under $5, I had to bring the total up to $10 to get free shipping.  I mean it would be foolish not to, right?  And I had a $5 discount coupon that I could use on orders of $15 or more, so I had to get a couple more books. But the discount couldn’t be used with their Deal books, so I had to buy enough non-Deal books to use the discount.  Right?  Of course right.  You understand how it is.

But really, getting these books for under $15 delivered is quite a deal.

  • The Secret of Lost Things
  • People of the Book
  • The Book of Lost Things
  • If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler
  • Timber Press Pocket Guide to Clematis

Yeah, you really should check out


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