Review: Map of Days, by Robert Hunter

51+2HU+ISKL._SX294_BO1,204,203,200_[1]What begins as a strange and lovely creation myth, a story of nine siblings who create our solar system, segues into a reminiscence by the narrator about the time he led a friend astray. The friend is the creator of Earth, seen in the story as a disembodied face, always looking upward, looking for the sun. It’s a story of the face’s obsessive love for the sun, and how that threatens all life on earth. And it’s a tale of guardianship, the story of the narrator who, in saving the earth betrays his friend, the face, and who becomes the face’s guardian and monitor.

The artwork is simple but lovely, and the interwoven text compliments it perfectly, filling in the details for us. It’s beautiful to look at, difficult to fathom, and impossible to forget.


One thought on “Review: Map of Days, by Robert Hunter

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