Happy 2015

I don’t make resolutions.  I will make promises to myself, though, and one of them is to be more on top of things this year.  Lord knows what that means in terms of my blogging, but I hadn’t been here in a while so I thought I’d share a couple of things today to get the year started on a good note.

First off, I got a couple of really cute figures as Xmas gifts this year, and today I introduced Eric the Tomten to Gerhardt Wasserbar, the Tardigrade.

20150103_102639 (1)

I think it sounds like a winning formula.  I really want to write this now.

Also, I found this 2015 reading challenge the other day and I wanted to share it.  It’s a bit different from many of the other challenges I’ve seen over the years in that it has a very broad focus instead of a more specific one (books by women, books by people of color, etc.)  Some of the items don’t make a lot of sense to me, and certainly there will be a lot of crossover with criteria this broad, but I think it’s worth a shot because it might well provoke me to read more widely instead of more narrowly.

What think you?  Does this sort of challenge appeal?


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