Spring? Around the edges??

We’ve had a fantastic amount of snow this year.  I think it’s been more than 80 inches since November, and there’s a chance we’ll be getting more this week.  On top of that, we’ve been in a pattern that’s being called a “polar vortex” which is just as unpleasant as it sounds. Super cold air pushed south, with sub-zero temperatures being common in January and February.  Even March, month of the equinox, the beginning of spring for the love of Ostara!  Even March has been snow-covered and chilly.  The photo below was taken on March 12th.

But there are signs of spring.  There’s been some sunshine lately.  We’d nearly forgotten what that looked like.  And the lawn is starting to show on our side of the street, which means that all the crap people put out to save their parking spaces is now starting to show up on the lawns where they were left when the street started to clear and the city got on everyone about “dibs.”

Two rabbits are hanging around our back yard.  I knew of one, I’ve been seeing the tracks in the snow for weeks (and the piles of bunny poo which will be very good nourishment for our plants this year).  If you look closely at the photo above you’ll see the tracks in the snow.

For a week or two I’ve known there were two of them, and had even seen them sitting together, eating the pears I tossed out. (I ran out of alfalfa.)  They were pretty sedate, concentrating on getting enough calories to weather the weather.  But yesterday evening, about dusk, the two of them were playing.  Bunny 1 would rush Bunny 2.  Bunny 2 would leap into the air, and Bunny 1 would run underneath.  They did that over and over, then dashed around the yard a couple of times, coming back to the big bed where they’re apparently finding something edible now that the snow is nearly melted out there.  I suspect we’ll have baby bunnies soon.  I don’t mind.  I enjoyed seeing them grow and change last year.

Last year’s crop of bunnies

And of course the other sure sign of spring is the arrival of the plant and seed catalogs, and the subsequent discussion of what will be planted in our garden this year.  Because we’ve grown tomatoes in the raised bed since it was built, it’s time to move our tomatoes to some other part of the garden.  This year we’re thinking of planting them where Buffy used to be.  There’ll be a lot of sun there, they should do well.  It’s funny how sad we still are about losing Buffy.

The raised bed, from now on, will be for scented roses and pollinator friendly flowers.  We’ll be putting the best-scented roses we can find in the bed, and surrounding them with plants that attract bees and butterflies.  We also choose a new clematis each year and this year the front-runner is the Piilu.  We’ve talked about putting up a trellis in one corner of the raised bed, and planting a clematis to serve as a backdrop to all the rest of the flowers.

Slowly, but surely spring is coming.