Summer Tomatoes Call For Extraordinary Efforts

Tomatensorte Typ San Marzano
Tomatensorte Typ San Marzano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We grow our own tomatoes — this year it’s Black Krim, San Marzano, Mr. Stripey, Sungold, and a couple of others not really worth mentioning.  I’m going to turn the San Marzanos into tomato sauce, but tonight I had a bunch of fresh tomatoes from our garden and from our friends Linda and John, so I decided to whip up this recipe for a tomato tart.

Alas, I found that the puff pastry I had in the freezer was shells, not sheets.  But I thought, Okay, I can work with this.  I only had cheddar cheese, and had absolutely no intention of smearing mayo on this thing.

So I dutifully removed the pastry from the freezer half an hour before cooking, and sliced two beautiful tomatoes — one Black Krim, and one perfectly round one that Linda brought over — salted them lightly and put them between sheets of paper towels for half an hour.  I ended up laying the cookie sheet on top of them to make sure as much liquid as possible drained out.

Glinda grated the cheese for me, about a cup, or maybe cup-and-a-half.  I sprinkled the cheese on the pastry shells, then sprinkled them with Lake Shore Drive  seasoning blend and laid a tomato slice on each one.  Then I sprinkled on the reset of the cheddar, more Lake Shore Drive blend, a touch of Taylor Street cheese sprinkle (both these blends come from The Spice House, but if you can’t or don’t want to bother to get them, you can see what the ingredients are on the Spice House site.) and a bit more salt.  Then I baked them @ 400 for 30 minutes.

RAVES!  Seriously, both Linda and Glinda loved them, and I was wishing that we had twice as many, they were that good.  We have more of everything but pastry, and I’ve asked Glinda to pick some up this week.  We have got to have these again while the tomatoes are this good.  We also had some of Linda’s faboo banana bread for dessert and watched more of Whitechapel.

Speaking of Glinda, I went upstairs to help her tile the top of the Cumberboard, an antique sideboard that she got for an impressively low price last summer.  She got a fabulous deal on tile from the Designer Stone Outlet and while she set them, I cut the odd size ones.  Buckaroo chased Tommy through the Thinset so Glinda had to go wash him.  Then later we tormented Buckaroo into some ungentlemanly behavior.  Good times.


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