Oh Midwest, never change.

About two yesterday afternoon, I noticed that there was a severe storm watch for our area.  I knew Glinda was getting off work early so I texted her to let her know about the alert and to urge her to leave when she could and not work late.  To be honest I sort of figured this would be a wash, too.  We’ve been warned a lot this summer but nothing has panned out to more than a bit of rain here and there and maybe a couple of booms.

She got home in good time, but not long after it started getting very dark, and by the time she’d normally get home the wind had picked up and it had begun to rain. And at six all the lights went out right in the middle of a horrific wind and hail storm.

Just stare at this while you listen to the sound of the hail on Glinda’s a/c.
Now you’ve got the idea.
You know the cyclone in Wizard of Oz?  Kind of like that without the bump on the head, and cats instead of munchkins.
So we had to cancel our dinner plans with our friend, Linda.  I lit all my battery-operated candles and Glinda brought hers down.  We sat in the dim and ordered pizza before my laptop battery conked out.  We lit a real candle and put it on the porch so the delivery guy could find us.  He told us about all the trees that were down in the neighborhood.  It was kind of annoying that all the houses on the other side of the block had power and all our street lights were on, but at least the temperature had dropped and it wasn’t horribly hot without the a/c and fans.
We ate pizza and cannoli, and played with our smart phones, taking bizarre photos in the dark.
Waiting for the pizza

What our ancestors did in the dark.  Selfies by tablet light

Glinda gathers her candles for the long, dark trek upstairs.
Also annoying?  We were told power would be back by 7, then by 8 when it did come on for two seconds, long enough to be half blinded by the flash.  Then they said 11:30.  I was texting to get the status.  About 10:30 they stopped responding to requests for status, or anything else and I ended up sending texts like: “STAT!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STAT!!!  STAT YOU BASTARDS!”  And I wasn’t even drunk like that time I started emailing American Express. (Don’t ask.)
It came back on at 11:35.  I was half asleep.  Everything beeped and woke me up.  The first thing I did was get up and start the dish washer.  I lost a whole batch of pumpkin butter and three trays of grapes that had been in the dehydrator for a couple of hours.  If it hadn’t been so humid, I might have restarted them, but keeping either the grapes or the pumpkin butter seemed like a recipe for disaster.
There are fallen leaves all over the garden, and we had several of our light bulbs smashed to pieces by the hail.  At least there were no dead baby bunnies, squirrels or birds that we found.  Buffy took quite a beating as did Tara.  Most of the other girls came through in good shape.  I was sure the pots I’d left on the table would have blown off and broken, but they were all still where I’d put them.  We even had a few ripe strawberries waiting for us this afternoon when we got back from the movies (“World’s End” Great film.)
So today we went down to the basement and moved some furniture.  We’re really pushing forward on our studio plans.  Which reminds me that we could use your help.  Cloth, Paper, Scissors is running a contest for studio furniture and CPS product, and we’ve entered with a very sad photo of what the place looks like right now.  You can help us by clicking on the widget below, or to the right, and voting for us.  We’re doing quite well so far!  Thanks.  We’ll keep you posted if we win anything.


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