We suck

Glinda’s sister started reading this blog and made the comment that it was more like “That One Nice Girl Next Door.”  I laughed, Glinda made grumpy face.

Alas, in the last month we’ve both been remiss about posting here making it more apt to say there are no nice girls next door.  I could chalk it up to feeling sad about having missed Elmo’s escape from the cocoon and his subsequent disappearance (They never call, they never write…) or work, or getting ready for, having, and cleaning up after house guests, but honestly it comes down to dragging our feet over doing much of anything these days.  There are weeds growing out of the cracks between the pavers on the patio and mostly I find myself hoping that they’ll put out some kind of cute flower so I can convince myself that it’s a lovely, natural, casual look.  And in fact in a few cases, that’s exactly what happened.  The Marguerites from our sun pot apparently self-sowed and we have little clusters of flowers along the edge of the patio, proving yet again that nature will find a way.  We may extinguish ourselves and a great many other species in the process but we will never defeat nature.

We finally managed to get rid of the furniture we no longer needed.  There was a queen-size sleeper sofa, a big armchair and ottoman, two big old tube TVs with a stand, and a lot of miscellaneous stuff.  People kept saying “Oh yes, I want (whatever)” and then never coming through so I called Charles and within an hour two of his guys came by and took everything but the armchair, which ended up in the alley for about 12 hours, and then scavengers picked it up.  I keep telling you all I don’t know what I’d do without Charles and there are hundreds of good reasons for that, not the least of which is I adore him; he’s one of my best friends.

So… house guests.  We haz them.  Or had them.  Our dear friend, Taylor, came to visit last week.  She now lives in New Jersey, but she and her brother (who lives in Tennessee) came to Illinois to visit their sister who lives out near Aurora.  She couldn’t leave the area without hanging with us, so she and Mike spent several days here.  Alas, Taylor had injured her back while visiting her sister, so she and Glinda made a few trips to the chiropractor, and I had to work. We still managed to have a good time together, and were reminded all over again of how much we miss  Taylor.  If we win the lottery, we’re bringing her and her hubs (who we also both love) back to Chicago to live on our block.

Poor Mike, stuck in a gaggle of fangirls who were actively fangirling Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, spent a lot of time with his books, cigarettes and chocolate milk.  Because we live near a heavily Italian part of town he was able to score a couple of gallon jugs of hot giardiniera to take home with him.

When we asked Mike if he’d help us bring the boxes holding  the big craft cabinet from WorkBox that I’d won last year to the basement from the garage where they’d been languishing since last summer, we never expected that he would turn into a Zen Mike Holmes and put the thing together in one day.  Doesn’t it look fab?  He said he didn’t mind, that he enjoyed it.  It’s like meditation for him. Bless him, that would have taken us forever. My poor attempt at a thank you gift was a quart of homemade chocolate syrup.

Mike was only sort of kidding when he said that we still had the hard part to do, which was assembling the inside, a jumble of HUNDREDS of plastic clips, fiber board shelves, and fabric drawers.  We’ve worked on this thing for two days and so far this is as far as we’ve gotten. There weren’t enough shelves for the little drawers, a number of the ones that were in there pull right out again when you pull out the drawer, and getting the clips in, keeping them in and keeping them from sliding all over when you try to put the shelves in is, um… challenging.  Still, if we’d been left to our own devices, this thing would have taken forever to be built, in spite of the kind offer of help from our friend, Barbara.  We’ve decided to use this for jewelry-making supplies and tools since that’s what I have most of and what we both like to do.

Because of this, we’re really getting a start on arranging the rest of the basement.  We’ve planned out work stations and, little-by-little, we’re moving all the supplies and tools around.  There’s a trip or two to Ikea in our future, too.

Mike also took a lot of photos while he was here.  Here are some he took of the kittehs

Perfect Tommy

Buckaroo, aka Mr. Moon


Leo’s evil twin

I  can’t promise we’ll be clockwork bloggers from now on; I’m spang in the middle of my quarterly calls, and have a bunch of things I’ve promised to sell for friends.  Glinda’s job is kicking her butt, and there is SO much to do around here.  But we haven’t forgotten you.  Honest.

The fall catalogs are starting to arrive, including the Grandin Road Halloween catalog, and that means summer is coming to an end.  Enjoy what’s left of it.  CU later.

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3 thoughts on “We suck

  1. Oh do not mock us in our shaaaaammmmmeee, Ms. Blabbermouth. Sadly I didn't get any photos of Mistress Masham before all the petals fell off of her blossoms. They're almost as short lived as River's blooms.


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