Big doings!

First off, apologies for the lag between posts.  It’s been hot and rainy here, and I’ve been wicked busy doing sales for some friends.  Oh and writing.  Yeah, that too.

Glinda and I have been keeping tabs on the single caterpillar left in our herb pot.  Last weekend we added more dill, and some fennel and rue, all of which are supposed to appeal to the black swallowtail caterpillar.  The rue worked its witchery on him  (I call him Elmo.  I don’t know why.) and now Elmo is half cocooned on a branch of it.  I have to say that a safely netted pot of herbs seems like a good place to be reborn.  I didn’t have my camera with me when I went out just now, but I hope to get back out before too much longer.  Pictures may follow.

Tara has five buds!  One is starting to show color.  When she blooms it’s going to be amazing, I think.  Cordelia is actually blooming, proving how resilient she really is.  Morgan, Hermia, Karen, Josephine, and Mary have all just burst into summer with rafts of blossoms.  Willow is currently spent, in part because one of the storms blew through with a fury and knocked down four big canes on Buffy, three of which landed on Will.  The canes had to be cut and Will looks a bit bounced around right now, but I have faith that she’ll recover.  The girls seem to be plagued with leaf-cutter bees, but as long as they don’t destroy plants, I’m okay with that.  Leaf miners have invaded our columbines so Glinda pulls out the infected plants as she finds them.


We put in three more tomato plants on Monday, just ahead of a nasty looking storm.  I don’t recall which ones they were save for Mr. Stripey. I was digging too fast to pay much attention.  The Black Krim tomatoes are getting big and there are two San Marzanos at about 1.5 inches.  The others are either growing well or blossoming, so I hope we’ll be having a lot more tomatoes this year than the previous years.  Garlic has thrown up only a few scapes this year, which is a disappointment.  However the chard is getting huge and must be eaten soon.  And the onions are growing well.  We’ll get more sets next year.  The celery bottoms I planted are also looking good.  I want to try to do more with kitchen scraps

Meanwhile a couple of views from inside where it’s hot but tolerable.  (I’m holding off on the a/c.)


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