Pictures, pictures, pictures

Not a lot to say.  It’s warm out there, and damp.  We’ve had so much rain we had to turn off the watering system.  Here’s what’s happening out back.

River bloomed rather suddenly.  She’s covered in buds.

The geums are coming back.  Can’t say the same for the anemones.

Dorothy, the clematis with blossoms the size of small plates.
She’s just lovely this year.
And yes, the relocation seems to have worked!  Our rhododendron is starting to bloom.
I counted 7 buds that are starting to open.

Josephine, my pride and joy.  Still the most sweetly-scented rose in our garden.


A black Krim tomato.  We call it a Victor Krum since we can rarely recall the real name.

Hermia, the rose we bought at the supermarket.  Who knew she’s just take over like this?
We call her Hermia because of that character Shakespeare wrote: Though she be but little, she is fierce.
That’s what I should have named Peeb.


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