Into the Wilds of Central Illinois to Snag a Rose

See this rose?  Her name is Zoe.  She’s a William Shakespeare 2000 rose from David Austin.  And she’s ours!  aHAHAHAHAHAHA!
No, seriously, on Thursday we did go all the way down past Peotone IL (Go look it up, it’s like 65 miles from us) to get this rose.  And to look at SEVEN ACRES of plants at the Woldhuis Farms Sunrise Greenhouse  which was recommended to us by our friend, Mija. Who’d have thought they’d build Paradise in Illinois? 
Yes, the whole place really does look like this.  These are just some of the geraniums.  This room went on forever.  And the normal size geraniums, the kind you’d put in your kitchen window over the winter?  $2.50 a pot.  No, we are not kidding.  (BTW, Glinda is here with me, and we’re writing this together.  No, really, she is.  Hold on a sec…  

So anyway… we actually exercised some will power, in part because, y’know, seven acres.  But we bought the rose, two small geraniums (Deep red), a fern, a hosta, and a heuchera, all for our shady corner, and all ones we didn’t yet have.  The selection is amazing there!  We also bought five different coleus plants @ $2.29 each, and… wait for it…

We got an escargot begonia for under $10.  Given the cost of some of the more rare begonias like the escargot, this was an incredible deal.  We also picked up a couple of plants for some friends, a nice geranium and a clematis.  Oh yeah, and we bought some rocks, too.  Twenty-nine cents a pound.  Three nice ones for about $4.  Woldhuis is a very nice place.  They excel at reasonably priced annuals.  Their perennials are pretty much in line with everyone else, but they do have a spectacularly good selection.  When you have space like that, you can afford to carry 30 different heucheras, 300 different roses, and dozens of hostas.  
On Friday we worked in the garden because, plants.  Zoe went in the ground next to River, the shade plants went into the shade garden, and a bunch of things got repotted and placed.  Alas Zoe is looking rather droopy.  I believe it has to do with being parted from Wash, but I think she’ll snap back.  Morgan is going through the same thing, as was Philippa, the new clematis (a Sweet Autumn) and the tomato I’m growing from a seed I harvested from my lunch.

No matter how it seems, the fact is that we don’t have a lot of money to play with this year, so we’re having to rely on luck and some creative thinking to improve the garden.  We have some garden art to put out, and we’re creating more.  Here’s a peek at the Gandhi quote that Glinda is painting on what used to be a window.  She’s got the design roughed out, and has started to paint.  And to the right of that is our drainpipe which I’ve yarn-bombed. It’s ugly and it gets very hot in the sunlight.  We’re afraid that some of the plants that are near it are going to get fried, so wherever there are plants, we’re going to yarn-bomb the pipe.  We may paint some other areas simply because this is a lot of work.  But it’ll be nice to have some art on the thing. It’s ugly and it’s driven me nuts since we moved in here.

And here’s a shot of our jasmine.  I wish you could smell it.

I should say that since this post has been written over the period of about four days, Glinda is no longer here helping me write this, though I expect her back relatively soon.  She’s taking a walk.  The weather has been threatening all day, but she’s out to make her 10K steps per day.  I wish I had that kind of will.  Though I spent half an hour picking worms out of sod so they didn’t go into the compost bag while Glinda wouldn’t touch them, so I have my moments.


2 thoughts on “Into the Wilds of Central Illinois to Snag a Rose

  1. I was stunned by the prices on the annuals. $11 for a flat of 48 plants! Really remarkable. It was worth the trip down.

    Yeah, Glinda's doing a great job on the quote. Once she finishes I'm going to frame it out with a pebble mosaic. Little-by-little we make things nicer.


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