Never to forget ourselves

We have a window.  Well it’s not a window anymore, but it was as long ago as 2010 when this picture was taken at the time we had the patio installed.  See it there on the back wall of the house?  Down low?  It opened up to nothing.  I have no idea why it was there at all.  So we had it closed off.
So now we have this big, white, square thing low down on the wall, and while it doesn’t look hideous, it sure doesn’t look great.  Glinda and I started talking about what we should do with it, and came to the conclusion that a piece of art would be smashing in that space.  Something inspirational, something about gardens and gardeners.  Glinda found a quote from Gandhi that summed up our feelings about the spiritual side of gardening and that was it, it was decided.  We would paint the quote on the wall and frame it out with a lovely glass mosaic.
We’ve been hashing out ideas for lettering and color for well over a year now.  The final decision was a pale green background and dark brown lettering.  Very natural, very much in tune with the surroundings.  The font was one of the things we hadn’t worked out until this morning when I fired up my ancient desktop where I keep all my graphics programs and we PShopped the quote in the colors we’d chosen.  The final choice of font came down to one of three: Art Brush, Mordred, or Viner Hand.  
Art Brush


Viner Hand
We compared them side-by-side and Art Brush was eliminated immediately.  Too heavy.  Mordred was nice and I really preferred it as a font, but Viner Hand was perfect for the quote and the garden.
Next we decided we wanted a little bit of a graphic included, something gardeny.  I found a viney brush in PShop, and added it at about 75% opacity and in a slightly darker green.  Once we saw it on the screen, we knew we had it, the absolute right image to grace our garden.  
Glinda is going to do the lettering (Sign-painter’s daughter!)  I’ll be doing the mosaic work.  I think we’ll have it done by the end of summer.  Pictures will follow.  Meanwhile, thanks to the inspiration for this piece:

Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), political and ...
Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), political and spiritual leader of India. Location unknown. Français : Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948), Guide politique et spirituel de l’Inde. Lieu inconnu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


4 thoughts on “Never to forget ourselves

  1. Awesome – Gandhi and art are a winning combo. I also agree with the font that you decided to use. That's where a lot of pieces fall apart but you two nailed it. On a slightly related topic, the people who built and/or renovated your place sure made a lot of ridiculous choices.


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