Rainy day in Chicago. Again.

After a couple of really nice, sunny days warm enough to go without a jacket, we’re having more rain.  The rivers are still really high, so if this lasts very long, there’s going to be more flooding, I fear. This morning I caught sight of this guy wandering around in the street.

I went out back to take a few pics because the color always seems a bit better when it’s overcast.

Daffs and the (newly transplanted) Rhododendron

Violas always do well with The Lady

Radish sprouts.  Only in the front.  Middle and back are carrots which have yet to show themselves.

When we transplanted this, it only had a few leaves.

Unfortunately I underestimated the force of the rain, and ended up coming in before I went in front.  Yesterday we went up to Gethsemane and bought plants to put in the pots in front.  It was then that we realized how unrealistic our budget has been.  We’re rethinking it now.

And I have to report that the babies have left the building.  Yup, yesterday we discovered that two of the buns had fled the nest.  Today, the raised bed is completely empty.  They leave at Mom’s urging at about four weeks, apparently, which is about how old I thought they were.  I know their eyes have been open for about 10 days, so the youngest they can be is about three weeks.  They’re good-size buns, now pretty much as big as a (not small) orange.  I’m sure they’ll do well, though I doubt they’ll ever call or write.  I just hope they’ll friend us on Facebook.

If the weather improves a bit, I’ll take some pics of the flowers in front and post them later.  Until then you’ll have to be content with this vid of me and Peeb staying warm together.


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