We Haz Bunnies!

Display of Lindt chocolate bunnies
Display of Lindt chocolate bunnies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since it’s garbage day, I had to brave the rain to take out a bag of kitchen waste, and as long as I was already wet I figured I’d walk the garden.  I’d noticed that Rita was swimming in water again, which is weird because there are holes in the bottom of her pot.  I tipped the pot to pour off the water and  then went over to look at the nest.  Now understand it’s been pouring out for about 24 hours, and yesterday I saw no movement at all under the cover of fur, so I had no hope that the bunnies were even alive in there.

Boy was I wrong.  Mom moved the top off the nest in the night. We have at least three beautiful baby bunnies.  They look fully furred, but I don’t think they can possibly be four weeks old yet.  Their eyes are open which means they’re at least 10 days to two weeks old.  They’re about the size of small oranges, and just beautiful.  It does explain why she was so bold that day that Glinda and I were in the garden.  She had a nest filled with babies even then.

I’ll take some pics when I can, so long as I’m not disturbing them.  Until then here’s a nice article about baby buns:  Everything You Wanted to Know About Baby Rabbits.


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