Bunnilicious Photos

I’m sorry if these are a little vague or out of focus, but it was clear I was scaring them and I wanted to get away from there as fast as possible.

Looking down from above.  That’s garlic growing next to the baby’s nose.

From across the bed.  You can see there are two of them in there.
This is the bold one, and the biggest.  He’s all the way across the bed from his sibs.

They live in a place where lettuce and bananas appear magically, and big, scary things say, “Aren’t you beautiful!” to them.  Life is very strange when you’re so new, I imagine.  No, I haven’t touched them, and I won’t unless something awful happens and they need help.

I think I’d like to name the big one “Bilbo.”  Glinda and I need to discuss that.


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