Rain, Rabbits, Reminiscences

I like a good storm, and that’s more or less what we’re having right now.  The sky, which was dark all day, has reached the streetlights-on stage.  It’s pissing down rain, and frankly I’m worried about our baby bunnies.  I recognize that this is what they all go through, more or less, when they’re born in the spring.  Nevertheless, I sprinkled a handful of pine needles on top of the nest in hope of letting them take the brunt of any hail we might have.  The needles are long and sturdy, and come from Flat Top, our big white pine.  I can’t do anything about the water, and I can’t make their mom come back and care for them, though I think she was there last night.  I left a banana out for her and it got gnawed during the night.  Bananas are my Bunny Early Warning System; they like them with the peel left on. As of yesterday afternoon, the babies were moving around in the nest.  No movement today that I could see.  And no, I haven’t touched the nest.  I just observe.

I’m jumpy about hail.  Last year our lights got smashed to shit in our last hailstorm, and a baby bunny got killed. Glinda found him lying on the patio.  He wasn’t more than three or four inches long, and looked absolutely perfect save for a little smear of blood on his temple where he had been hit by a hailstone.

We buried him, and found a perfect little monument  at Home Goods which we call “The Tomb of the Unknown Bun.”  It’s starting to get mossy, after a year outside, but is holding up really well. This year I’ve planted Forget-Me-Not seeds around it.  I hope I won’t have to bury any more bunnies.  He wasn’t my first.  I buried our pet rabbit, Nutmeg, in my mother’s garden.

Why do we do that?  Respect mostly.  Glinda and I believe that it’s right to show respect to living things when you can.  When I found a dead rat in our composter (Put there by the guys who were doing our patio.) I really wanted to bury him, but I didn’t and felt terrible about it for weeks afterwards.  You can laugh if you want to.

So, the worst of the storm seems to be over for the time being.  I don’t know what’s going to happen later tonight.   But I have Peebie here helping me write.  (I’m working on a story; this post is the required procrastination.), and Leo sacked out nearby.  A cup of tea and I’m set.


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