Chicago Tribune is making me crazy

Chicago Tribune building
Chicago Tribune building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Y’know I used to read the Trib on a regular basis when I lived at home. However I’ve had any number of delivery problems with them, the most recent being those damn Local Value and Red Plum papers that get strewn all over my porch, steps and lawn umpty gazillion times a week. Between that, the Nadig newspapers and flyers from the dozens of businesses that drop flyers all over my property each week, it’s a constant battle to keep this place looking neat. And the waste of paper and plastic is phenomenal which I find highly offensive.

I have phoned the Tribune at the number on the ad papers, I have emailed them, I’ve told the delivery people who I can catch not to leave the papers, but NOTHING stops them. They’re like zombies, they just keep on coming. I have been promised that the deliveries will stop on several occasions, but it’s a lie; nothing stops them.

Well I just emailed them again and made them a promise: I am going to write about this wherever I have a forum. I am going to contact all their advertisers and tell them that I will not buy from them if they support the ad papers. I am going to do everything in my power to deliver a good solid kick to the collective backside of the Tribune ad paper department and keep on kicking until these damn deliveries stop.

This isn’t difficult. I spoke to the folks who deliver Hoy and they were very nice about it. I never got another paper. So why can’t the Tribune do the same? Is it because they employ lazy-ass delivery people who fling the papers from their car windows so that the sidewalk, parkway and steps are always covered in these things?

If you hate this kind of waste, I suggest you get on them too. Don’t just think that it’s something you have to pick up and toss away because that’s the way things are in Chicago. Screw that! Hit back. Phone them at 800-874-2863 or email them at