You are a sorry lot of cookie-makers, I must say.

Three entries?  Three??  What the heck happened to the competitive spirit?  Or cookie fanaticism? *tsk* Well fine.

I got three suggestions for additions to my breakfast cookie and I liked them all.  If I’d gotten twenty, even a dozen, choosing a winner might’ve been simple, but with three really interesting choices, I’m sort of in a quandary.

Parhelion suggested cardamom and cashew with a bit of citrus, and I really liked the idea.  I’m not a big cashew fan but with the cardamom and particularly the citrus, I think I’d like this cookie very much.

Judymoe, who doesn’t consider herself any sort of foodie, made what I thought was a really interesting suggestion, and one I’d never even considered before: lavender.  Now I can’t stop thinking about it, and I know I’m going to try using it in a batch.

And NamasteNancy suggested: walnuts, coconut to taste and sun dried cranberries.  She was actually a bit more specific about her amounts, and this sounded like a really tantalizing cookie, particularly as I love all three ingredients.

What to do, what to do?  My first thought was to let Peeb decide.  I put three balls on the floor with the names of each of the entrants.  I figured that she’d choose one to play with and that would be the winner.  This is what happened:

Sleepy Girl

Clearly Miss Peeb cares nothing for cookies or reading.

So what I just did was assign a code name to each entrant — Grim, Dave, Rafe; all characters from the novella — and asked Glinda North to choose one without telling her why.  She chose Grim, and in doing so, chose Judymoe!

Miss Judy, you will be receiving your copy of Devil in the Details tonight or tomorrow.  Congrats!  Thanks to Parhelion and NamasteNancy for playing.  The rest of you suck. No, you don’t suck, not really.  But I was hoping for a metric fucktonne of ideas to carry me through the winter.

Oh and when I try the combos you three suggested, I will post the results here!  Thanks again.


4 thoughts on “You are a sorry lot of cookie-makers, I must say.

  1. I plead ignorance of the entire affair. I would of course have suggested bacon. With dark chocolate chips, and a sprinkle of sea salt. Walnuts or almonds, though pecans would be my first choice, I seem to remember you aren’t fond of them, and some oatmeal and flax seed.


    1. LOL, Carol, I post here, on Facebook, Twitter, Dreamwidth, Tumbler, Live Journal, Linked In, and G+, and it gets picked up by Goodreads, my Amazon author page and (I think) Library Thing. Could you tell me which rock you’re living under so I can direct future contests to you as well? 😛

      I actually like pecans very much, just not so much as walnuts or almonds. They’re also wicked pricey. Bacon is good. I told Taylor that bacon and toffee might make a killer cookie.


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