Unexplored country

Me, Ashley and a potato, about 1990
Me, Ashley and a potato

Temperature is headed back up so I made an executive decision that tonight’s dinner is going to be new potatoes with dill (steamed in the microwave) and a raw zucchini salad.  Potatoes are washed and ready to cook, zucchini is sliced and salted.  The hardest thing I’ll have to do is go out and snip some dill from the garden.  What a trial! The Dover sole is going to have to wait until I feel like baking or sauteing it.  But it’s no big, Glinda and I can make a meal out of veggies very happily.  And there will be dessert.  And wine.

Cover of "People Will Talk"
Cover of People Will Talk

So just now I was having some lunch and I managed to forget that I’d already opened my can of V8.  As I picked it up, I shook it.  Yeah.  Now in my defense I have to say that I’m still a little groggy.  I had a nap earlier, during which I had one of the oddest dreams ever.  I’d been watching “People Will Talk” which is easily my favorite Cary Grant film, and fell asleep with it on. So I started dreaming that I was watching a favorite TV show and that they were doing a salute to this film by using the dialogue over the show’s action.  But the show itself was about a married couple both of whom needed CPAP machines, and who went out to buy them at a clothing store, where the wife was trying on cocktail dresses.  I know what you’re going to say. Don’t bother.  My friends tell me all the time that it’s a really strange country inside my head, and days like this I believe them.

Changing direction now, I have to report that I put some of the blue toilet bowl cakes out in the garden yesterday and I checked four or five times during the evening, but didn’t see any rats.  This doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but it made me happy, even though the entire garden (and my back hallway which is where the rest of the tablets are right now) smells vaguely like a gas station bathroom.  For those of you just tuning in, toilet bowl tablets are offensive to rats, apparently.  I got that piece of information from one of the Streets and San people who were here to bait the alley a couple of weeks ago.

I also learned that vitamin D3 will kill rats.  It gives them heart attacks, according to the gal who talked about it on EveryBlock.  I’m not exactly sanguine about giving rats heart attacks, but I’d rather it was something relatively fast than the slow, icky death from the bait they use.  I asked her about other animals and she said it only does that to rats and bats, but I do know that D is a vitamin that builds up in the system and can cause harm even to humans.  I’ll have to give this more thought.  She also said that lime will kill them.  Again with the “who knew?”  Considering that a case of the plague just showed up in Oregon, I think caution really is called for.  Be careful out there.

And now I need to get back to Anna Magdalena which is chugging away in directions unexpected.  I’m terribly pleased.


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