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It’s your turn.  Let me explain:  I was just looking at the cover of a friend’s new novel, and thinking about the different components of a book,  novel, short story… whatever.  Those things are all part and parcel of what a publisher does.  We write/read, the publisher does much of the rest of the work.  So what I’m curious about is what publishers you all like and/or respect.  Which ones are your go-to publishers?

Authors, tell me where your publishers have really gone the extra mile for you, the ones where the editing process is solid, the cover art never disappoints, the marketing is vigorous, and the communication between press and author is outstanding.

Readers, tell me which publishers publish the things you just LOVE to read.  Tell me why, tell me what those things are.  Talk about subject matter, art, price… whatever you think has pulled you in and made you a loyal customer.

What I don’t really want is a kvetch session.  We’ve all had bad experiences and this really isn’t the place to air them, k?  I want to think positively about this.  Remember, this is my year of Yes, so c’mon and show your favorite publishers some love.

P.S. I’m not adverse to a bit of kvetching in general, and if you know of any good forum where authors talk freely about the downside of publication and the people involved, I wouldn’t mind hearing about it.  It’s all part of knowing who is out there and what they can do for us, IMO.  It’s just that I don’t really want a lot of mud-slinging around here right now.  Thnx.


One thought on “Talk to me people!

  1. I strongly disagree with Part I of this book. Bad nutrition and lack of knowledge of good nutrition seems to be considered to be the cause of most diseases in particular Diabetes in this book. And mental illness is greatly discounted, misunderstood or diagnosed to be caused by bad nutrition.
    I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes when I was 39. My Primary Care Physician put me on a diabetic diet which at that time was very close to what Weight Watchers was offering. I lost 85 pounds in nine months and that includes Christmas and Thanksgiving. My Glucose was 325 when I went in to see my doctor and he did the blood glucose test. He had me come back after two weeks of being on the diet and my blood glucose was 125. I was told that my blood glucose would never be in the normal range again. I didn’t need any medication for years. Well it did go to the normal range and stayed there for quite some time; however when stress (social success not dealt with yet) came back due to leaving self-employment and going to a regular employment, I gradually put the weight back on and the diabetes diagnosis came back.
    Where I disagree with this doctor is in the initial cause of obesity. In my own family and the family of my one sibling there are four of us that were sexually abused as children. I was, my sibling was and their first two daughters were. My sibling’s family includes five children, all married and all but one with children. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of all kinds of abuse. I was always thin until I got sick in my twenties. At first my only symptom was severe depression and then I only ate because I knew I needed to for my health. I could have gone eating very little if I didn’t make myself eat. It took me quite a while to find someone who had the right knowledge to help me then. However, when the depression subsided, I then was very anxious. I realized my depression was caused by suppressing all the anxiety I felt but when I started feeling very anxious, eating helped reduce the anxiety along with medication. I really didn’t want the food; I just couldn’t stand the anxiety. When I initially got sick, I only had memory of the emotional abuse.
    There are two main points that I want to make: My blood glucose went to completely normal after I first lost the 85 pounds and stayed on a diet that included dairy, gluten and lean meats. The diet daily was: 3 cups of milk/day; 5 exchanges of protein to include cottage cheese, cheese, lean meats and fish; 4 exchanges of carbs which was usually bread, cereal, popcorn or peas; 3 exchanges of fruit; and 3 or more exchanges of vegetables. No elimination in gluten, dairy, poultry or any kind of lean meat. My physical health was great again. My BMI was great and I was very active.
    The second point I wanted to make was that in my immediate family and my only sibling’s family the only people who have had any kind of weight problems, were the four of us who were sexually abused. My premise is that the cause of our obesity was the after effects of sexual abuse and for me, physical abuse also.
    Oprah as everyone knows was sexually abused and Bill Clinton was physically abused. Oprah has had weight problems all her adult life as far as I know and has not been able to completely overcome the problem. She says the counseling she received was from listening to the professions who were guests on her show which was not individual.
    One more point: On of the biggest enemies of obesity in my expert opinion is child abuse which many times can be generational. When the abused child becomes a parent they may not abuse their children, however they probably are less active and pass on their overeating to their children. Of course our society has become much more sedentary due to computers and other electronic inventions.
    I am on a weight loss program now and have been with WW on line with four visits to my PCP per year. When I am down to my normal weight, still drinking some fat-free milk, eating low-fat cheese, fat-free yogurt; lean meats, fish and whole grains, and much physical activity I expect any blood test that Dr. Mark Hyman would request to be very much in the excellent range and I will have those tests taken along the way to prove my diagnosis of the one most underlining cause of obesity and diabetes.
    I am the only one of the four of us in my family to have diabetes and my sibling has had heart surgery. I can’t say enough well about the new WW program and they stress that your diet come mostly from a power food list, those foods with a lot of nutritional values. The weight loss is gradual and I am positive I will keep the weight off forever with this program. I have not gained one pound that I have lost and am not hungry. I do have to curb my cravings for sweets with a lot of sugar and fat, but am replacing that with more vegetable dishes. I don’t like beans other than green beans.
    Child abuse wasn’t talked about when I was growing up, especially sexual abuse. But even though it is today it remains a secretive type of abuse. Adults who are the abusers still use the same methods of keeping children quiet as they used when I was young. The younger this happens to a child and the more severe the abuse is, the more like a person is to block out the memories. It can lead to Depression, Multiple Personalities, OCDC, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bulimia and probably many more tragic effects that don’t go away just because you grow up and are no longer around your primary abuser.
    What is needed is reaching out much greater than we have so far to get children to talk. The therapist who helped me remember the abuse said that a lot of children stay in bad homes because they think a bad home is better than no home at all. Let’s stamp out one of the biggest causes of obesity and talk about these things that people don’t want to talk about. Reports say that one in four girls will be sexually abused by the age of 18 and one in five or six boys will also.
    I am a therapist now who is trying to do just this and feel it is of great disservice to discount what abuse can do to the brain which is long lasting unless, acknowledged and recognized and treated. Let us not go back to discounting mental illness but find and use ways of treating the illness so the patients get well and they can and do get well. Many doctors practicing preventative medicine by changing eating habits and activity levels react to the mention of having a mental illness as if people are using it as an excuse. It is a reason for many health problems and when we negate the illness we are not getting to the heart of the problem. We are treating the symptoms but not the illness…..and most weight lost generally comes back.


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