Oh Cuisinart, you so crazy

I purchased a set of Cuisinart cookware a couple of years ago and I really have been happy with it.  The other day, though,  my 2-quart saucepan started bowing on the bottom, complete with some scary cartoon sound effects that made me wonder if one of the metal rivets had shot off the back of the pan.   Nope, it was just the pan bottom swelling up.  If you think that isn’t a scary sight, let me tell you that the photo above was taken when the pan was cold.  When it’s hot, it rolls around on the stove like a top, making cracking and popping noises.  No, I don’t use it anymore; it’d be useless anyway since only a small part of the pan actually touches the cook top now.

So I contacted Cuisinart about this and received an email asking me to call them to set up an evaluation. Well, okay. It’s supposed to be a lifetime warranty, but clearly they need to know if I went at it with a hammer or something, right? I mean people do that to their cookware all the time, don’t they?  (Actually I fear some people do, but that’s a whole ‘nother rant.)  I phoned and got a decidedly casual response telling me to mail it in (I pay shipping… again okay, I suppose that’s fair. A steel pot with a bottom that blows up like a balloon might be my fault, right?. /sarcasm) and to enclose a check for $10 for return shipping. If it’s a manufacturer defect they’ll replace it.

Whoa there, old hoss, sez I. I understand paying to ship it to you. I don’t like the idea since I think you all should stand by your products 100%, but I understand it. However paying you to ship back a new one? I don’t think so. If it’s your fault, you pay the shipping. If it’s not, and I want the pot back (I do not) then I’ll happily pay you to ship it back. I don’t think I should have to pay shipping on a new pot if the defect is your fault.

Not surprisingly this suggestion met with a less than favorable response. Even less surprisingly their response met with an even less favorable response on my part to the tune of, I think I’ll just pass and buy from a different manufacturer in the future. The rep’s reply “Okay,” with a distinct note of “Whatevah, we already have your money.”

So no, Cuisinart, I will not be paying to send it to you and get it, or a new pot back from you. I will be leaving it out for the metal scavengers, and in spite of the fact that I actually liked this set of pots and pans — I’ve never had problems with things sticking or anything else — my next cookware purchase will be from a company like Le Creuset which though pricier has always proved completely dependable. Thanks so much. Have a nice day.


4 thoughts on “Oh Cuisinart, you so crazy

    1. I’ve never had a problem with Le Creuset, which alone is reason enough to choose them, but I’m glad to hear their customer service is good. Thanks for the info.


  1. I have mostly All-Clad pans, which I love but they’re expensive, even buying the irregulars (minor cosmetic problems) from http://www.cookwarenmore.com/. If you ever need/want a nonstick pan (we use ours for eggs, fish, delicate stuff), I highly recommend this Beka pan: http://www.beka-cookware.com/cookware/product/785/chef-eco-logic-non-stick-fry-pan. It has a ceramic nonstick coating and is amazing. I have reduced a sweet sauce in it until it looked sticky all over, then was able to wipe it completely clean with a paper towel. David Lebovitz recommended it: http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2011/05/green-non-stick-cookware-nonstick-pan/.


    1. Okay, thanks. Good to know. I’ve started using cast iron for frying, but I’ll check the Beka because even a well-seasoned cast iron pan can fail to keep things from sticking sometimes.


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