A shout out to the Rainbow Awards winners.

Congrats to all the winners of the Rainbow Awards.  I should have written this post yesterday but I was so utterly gobsmacked by my wins (I actually cried at the Honorable Mention in the Best Gay Novel/Book category) that I lost all sense of what needed doing and saying.  I’ve come back down to earth today (Though I’m still a bit giddy.) And I would like to say congrats to all the winners.  Well done, all of you!

I want to make a couple of special mentions of winners with whom I have a bit more than a nodding acquaintance — mostly Facebook friends, but a couple of folks I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with.  A hearty pat on the back  goes out to E. M. Lynley, Eden Winters, Erastes, Chris Quinton, Jamie Fessenden, A. B. Gayle, Kiernan Kelly, and  Stevie Woods.  Congrats also go out to the publishers, particularly Silver Publishing and Dreamspinner Press who I’ve worked with, and very particularly to Torquere Press which published “Suffer the Little Children.”

I am honored to be in this company.


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