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SAT.OCT.22 2011
3 TO 5 P.M.
Robert P. Ledermann is, in my opinion anyway, writes some of the best Chicago histories ever.  I don’t just say that because he’s a friend of mine, either. (I’ve known him since I was a wee girl back in the fifties; I have fond memories of him putting together my model train set for me.)  His work isn’t just about historical fact, it gets to the heart of what it’s like to live here, the emotional content of our collective past.  So when Bob has a new book coming out, it’s always reason to rejoice.  This month, The History Press is releasing State Street One Brick at a Time and it sounds like another terrific addition to a library of Chicagoana.  (If that wasn’t a word before it is now.)
“Linger on the mezzanines of fantastic movie palaces like the Oriental, sample the confectionary delights of Krantz Candies or recklessly splurge on dress shields or mustache wax at dime stores like Kresge’s or Woolworths. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the painstakingly prepared displays at Marshall Field’s, but leave plenty of time to visit Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co., The Fair, Montgomery Ward, Goldblatts, Wieboldt’s and the Boston Store. Above all, meet the people behind the glitter and glamour of State Street who poured so much heartfelt energy into making it the magical place that it was. From its first bricks to future projects, Robert P. Ledermann lovingly recounts the history of this unique thoroughfare and provides a collection of rare photographs, including previously unpublished images of Carson’s clocks and the creators of Uncle Mistletoe.”
There is always a wealth of vintage photos in Bob’s books, and they bring back some wonderful memories.  If you love Chicago, this will be one of those treasures you’ll pore over whenever you want to remember good times.
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