Just when I thought everyone had forgotten me

I get a really nice review from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews for “Waiting for the Moon.”  Okay in all fairness I haven’t done anything new in a while (I’m writing like mad, but haven’t submitted anything recently because I’ve been considering my options.) and to be honest, I am so very bad at publicity that I’m actually my own worst enemy when it comes to getting noticed.

I’ve also been kind of preoccupied with my editing job, and the new kitty, both of which are working out very well.  I’m making a nice bit of money from the former, and while the latter is basically just costing me money, he’s giving me a lot of laughs watching him with Peeb.  They fly around here, wrestle like they’re killing each other, but as far as I can tell, no one even has a scratch, and there’s been no hissing, growling or even nervous squeaking.  They’re almost, dare I say it?  Made for each other.  I have the feeling that the team of Leonardo and The Peeb will be a very successful one.

So what do I have planned?  Well there’s the sequel to the briefly successful “Suffer the Little Children.”  It’s in first draft form, but I’m not quite sure what I want to do with it, so I’ve been holding off on editing it.  There’s a short story for a friend’s glamerpunk anthology, a story of what happens when a seemingly irresistible force meets… well another seemingly irresistible force.  There’s the original short story that I was going to send to the same anthology — a reworking of Wagner’s “The Ring of the Nibelungen” — until it became a novella, and whined at me for even considering not letting it be the novel it wants to be.

I’m also doing a sequel to “The Pavilion,” the story I wrote for the Healing Hearts charity sip blitz.  The main characters would not leave me alone.  I’ve been hearing them whispering to me since I wrote “The Pavilion.”  And I’m reworking an old story I wrote in my imaginary world; it’s the tale of a castrato’s loves and secrets, and it’s entitled “Anna Magdalena’s Song.”

I got a start on a swashbuckler-type story which I hope will turn into a whole mad, gender-bending series.  And of course there’s the young adult series that Glinda North and I are hashing out.  We’re not spending a lot of time on this right now, but I think it’ll come together more this winter when there’s less chance to be distracted by things like the garden.  Finally, I’m well along on a classic romance novel about a rich guy who learns a lot about the world and the people in it.  I don’t recall a time when I’ve had this many stories in the works at one time, but I never get bored!

However distractions do abound and they’re not all flowers and weeds.  I just finished Jennifer Matarese’s “Heroine Addiction” which I enjoyed and plan to review soon, and discovered that my review copy of “Aloha from Hell” the newest Sandman Slim novel, was waiting for me in the mailbox.  Score!

And, oh yes, I actually have a kind of life.  What a concept.


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