Yes, I have been pretty quiet lately.  Between the editing job and the new cat, my life is kind of busy.  Well, okay… fraught.

The print rights to “Suffer the Little Children” have reverted to me, and I’m seriously thinking about self-publishing it in paper.  I’m not going to make any decisions right off the bat but I’d be interested in hearing any opinions.  Would anyone out there buy a print copy?  Where should I look for a good publishing deal?

Meanwhile I’m sitting on the sequel, getting ready to do a final edit before I submit it to my publisher and to be honest, while I promised to show it to the same publisher as last time, I really want to consider my options for it, and the third title which is in the planning stages.

In the meantime, I’m working on a glamerpunk story (I’d never heard the term before, but it’s pretty cool) based on “Der Ring des Nibelungen” and a m/f  romance entitled “Will Work for Food.”

I also have a kid’s book entitled “Clowns in the Afternoon” that I seriously want to sell or publish myself.  Not sure which.  If the latter, I’m going to need to find an illustrator.  On the other hand, I have an idea for a book about the new kitten, tentatively called “The Peeb and I” and I think my illustration skills are up to that.  I can see the illos for some of the pages pretty clearly already.

I’m trying to think of some ways to boost the interest in the Nick and Davy stories, so I’ll be thinking about promotions and such.  If anyone has any suggestions…

Okay, back to writing.  Sorry I’ve been away so long.  I really hope to update my website soon as well.


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