My Review of 71″ Faux Fur Cat Tree in Navy Blue

Originally submitted at Pets by CSN


  • Hanging tunnel
  • Ramp
  • Constructed of pressed wood
  • Covered with navy blue faux fur
  • Easy to assemble with step by step instruction and tools
  • Overall Dimensions: 71" H x 30" W x 32" L
  • Base Dimensio…

Lovely product

By Miss Peeb’s Mommy from Chicago on 7/18/2011


4out of 5

I’d had a couple of Armarkat trees a few years ago, and my old cat loved them. But when he passed away I gave them to friends (I was determined not to have another cat.) Well, as life always seems to do, it threw my plans into complete disarray by presenting me with the loveliest little kitten who needed her own cat tree.

Since I don’t want to keep her an only cat for ever I decided to opt for a substantially larger tree than I’d had before and this nearly 6′ model seemed to be the best one for the price based on what I know of Armarkat’s quality. I wasn’t disappointed either. It’s a good, solid cat tree with a lot of features like a ramp, a little hidey house, a rope (which Miss Peeb hasn’t even noticed yet!) and balls on elastic string, which she ripped down immediately.

And therein lies the first of my admittedly minor criticisms of this item. Those are lovely little toys and very alluring to cats, but unless your cat is 20 years old or a complete slug, it’s going to pull those balls loose. That isn’t a huge problem, but it has the potential to be quite dangerous if your cat likes to eat strange objects. I suggest you forego affixing them to the tree, cut off the elastic and just toss them to your cat. She’ll have a terrific time and you won’t end up with a whopping vet bill.

My second criticism is that there are several different size bolts used in this item, but the sizes aren’t so different that it’s easy to tell them apart. I got it wrong and ended up affixing the little tunnel to the underside of one of the platform with a bolt that was too long, and pushed up through the plush cover. Rather than take the thing apart, I covered the bolt end with a bit of duct tape. It’s not an elegant solution but as the tape is purple it’s a jolly one.

Finally I think the Armarkat trees could benefit from broader bases. This is a fairly consistent issue with the larger trees; I’ve noted it not only in the ones I’ve owned but the ones my sister has gotten for my nephews. They wobble. I’m not worried that it’ll come crashing down when Miss Peeb hits it at a 90 MPH, but she’s still little. And there’s only one of her. If it begins to look as if there’s a question about the stability, I’m going to have to find some way to attach it to the floor or wall just to be sure she won’t go flying out a window one day. That would be awkward.

However, all things considered, this is one of the best trees I’ve ever purchased, and the price was very good. The bottom line, I guess, is that I would buy an Armarkat tree again in a heartbeat.

Waiting to pounce on Mommy


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Resting at the top of the tree


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