July? Really??

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted here.  In the last month and a half I’ve adopted a kitten who told me her name is Peanut Butter, but who now answers to Peeb.  She’s the most stubborn little cat I’ve ever known, and I adore her.  She has a friend who comes ’round and stares at her, a pretty little calico named Grace.  A squirrel has moved into the abandoned planter at the top of our porch, and that also amuses Peeb.

I’ve been writing, of course, working on a number of story calls and a couple of other items.  The transcription job starts up again next week, and it’s not too soon because I really, really need the money.  I’ve joined Google+ and She Writes, and have become pretty active on EveryBlock.  Also keeping up with Yelp and Facebook.  Where does my day go?

I’ve bid farewell to a friend when I realized that the explosion between us had been a long time coming.  I’m sorry about that but I’m also kind of relieved because the emotional roller coaster was starting to be difficult to cope with.

I’ve been gardening.  This year the roses were amazing, and the cheap hothouse hydrangeas which we stuck in the ground because we were desperate for filler last year have turned into gorgeous shrubs.  The one that gets a bit less light is covered with softball-size flower heads in a deep, almost glowing French blue.  We harvested the last of the snap peas this evening and they were my supper tonight.  It’s never not a rush to eat something you’ve raised from seed.  We’ll be putting more in next year because they’re such a good crop.  One tomato plant is flourishing, one didn’t make it.  Ditto the peppers.  Time will tell which ones were the winners.  We think it’s the difference in soil that’s to blame.  Our garlic will be ready to pull soon as will our fennel, and we have — I kid you not — hundreds of bunches of grapes just starting to ripen.  All our nectarines fell off the tree or got stolen by the Evil Squirrels, but the grapes?  It’s like paradise back there.  Gracie hangs out under the grapevines because there’s mint planted all around and it’s a wonderful place to ambush the birds.

Glinda and I are working on an idea for a trilogy of YA fantasy novels.  I think it’s good, but it’s still in very early stages.  We went to see the new Pirates movie last week at a newly refurbished theater in our neighborhood and were blown away by what a great renovation it is.  It looks like the old movie palaces of my youth.  I felt like a kid again.  And they use real butter on their popcorn!  We also tried the new Mexican restaurant across the street and it was excellent.  We’ll be doing it again soon.

And that’s been my summer so far.  Mostly good, a bit of the not good.  It’s life, what can I say?  And now I want to get some sleep.  I hope to be more regular here in the future.


2 thoughts on “July? Really??

  1. Why yes, now you ask, we do miss you on LJ.
    I’m posting this on your .org since I don’t know if you get all LJ posts. I have met Peeb (on facebook – “Hi, Cutie!”) but I don’t spend much time over there. And I’m not doing the Google+ thing – it’s just one too many and I’m not all that social. I do miss the long posts you used to make, but I definitely understand you can’t do it all and the pro writing and the Peeb mothering has priority. Just stay in touch with us old farts over here on LJ, okay? Some of us have taken root.


    1. I don’t remember seeing this although I did approve it. That’s how my life has been, Judy. It’s unbelievable. What was that quote: “The hurrieder I go the behinder I get.”? That’s me. I’m mostly doing G+ for the writing community. It’s a good place to network and get informational posts. I have no real social life over there since most of the people I’d socialize with are on Facebook, and I don’t have the time to cultivate a whole new batch of “friends” even if I was so inclined. My kids wear me out some days, and the writing takes up a lot of energy. It’s a marathon, and I’ve never been good at them. I’m a sprinter. *g*

      Anyway I just made a post specifically for LJers. I peeked in there briefly and found a bunch of comments I’d never seen. Augh…


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