Left behind. Thank goodness

Dante and Virgil in Hell
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I wrote this earlier on Facebook and thought I’d repost here.

Y’know I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject lately, for obvious reasons.  And it occurred to me that the people who wholeheartedly believe in the whole rapture-hell on earth-apocalypse thing really have to be some of the angriest people in the world.  Think about it: Their whole world is focused on one thing, the day God takes the “saved” up to Heaven (always assuming they’ll be in that company) and turns earth into a living hell for the rest of us for five months until He ends all life.  Amen.  What are they saying?

  • This is a very select club.  Only something like 200 million people out of ALL the people who ever lived will be taken to Heaven.  What percentage is that, really?  This is like all the popular kids in school who told you you weren’t good enough to hang with them.
  • Once you’re saved, you’re saved.  You can be all kinds of shitty and still go to Heaven because you’re in that club.
  • After the rapture, the earth will be horrible, unlivable.  That’s another big “fuck you” to the rest of us, isn’t it?  I mean really, isn’t that what they’re saying?  It’s not bad enough that they’re sure the rest of us will be going to Hell but we’ll have five months of a Hell Lite preview to live through just so God can rub our noses in the fact that we weren’t part of His select club.
  • And then God destroys what’s left, we all die and roast in Hell or whatever other horrible punishment is waiting for us.

Nice huh?  Talk about hostile.  No I do NOT want to be part of a club like that, thank you very much.


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