I am my mother’s pride and despair.

She’s shaking her finger at me from the Great Wherever because I only ran a load of dishes when I ran out of forks.  I’m sure she despaired of me ever finding a husband (She was right.) or being able to keep house to her standards. (Also right.)  On the other hand I’m turning into a gardener and for that alone she would be proud.

Yesterday, Glinda and I rented a car and went to Home Despot to buy some plants.  We were very precise about it, too, making a list of the things we needed: four plants or plant groupings for the empty pots on the front porch, a cilantro plant because starting cilantro from seed is like engraving the Lord’s Prayer on the head of a pin, tedious and fairly pointless unless you absolutely have to.  We needed a few other, non-green items and that was it.  Nothing else.  Nothing.

We came home with marigolds, a calla, a big pot of zinnias and a pretty variegated heuchera for the front porch, plus a pot of red geraniums and something blue which name I can’t recall, a couple of coreopsis, two bright red anemones, a rosemary plant, a hot pink azalea (To be fair, I had intended to get another for the back.) and a plant for my desk.  I think there was something else but I’m blanking on it now.

Today I ordered plants from Wayside garden.  It was the last day of their free shipping and I wanted to get in on that.  I ordered a vine to put against the garage:

This is a Vitis Amurensis which is a kind of grapevine.  It’ll give us some much-needed color in the fall.  Also ordered a couple of roses, Cinco de Mayo and Enchanted Evening:

I added a couple of ferns and a couple of hosta that aren’t the usual things you see all over the place in preparation for building a rockery around the magnolia tree.  I’ve got in a request for an estimate from Schwake Stone, which is a company my mother did business with for many years.  I expect it’ll prove to be too expensive to have them build it, but I need to find that out for sure before I commit myself and my friends to hernias and all manner of injury schlepping rocks.

I just heard Glinda come in the door so I’m going to stop here.  We’re going out in back to work in the garden a bit.  I want to haul some of the stuff I got at The Chalet out there and get it placed.  Maybe put Starina back in one of the beds and swap out the electric cords for the lights so we can turn them on of an evening.  It’s getting to be that time of year when we want to go out and sit in the warm darkness and sip wine or the occasional gin and tonic.

Vitus Amurensis
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