La la la la…

I love music.  I own a lot of it, and have ripped much of it to mp3 to put on my iPod.  I’ve been doing that for years and the upshot is that I had something like nearly 70 Gb of music or about 20,000 cuts on my hard drive much of it duplicates and even triplicate because the various music players/organizers I’ve used have, in their infinite wisdom, decided that every single cut is a discrete entity even if it has the same name, is the same size and comes from the same album.  Accordingly I ended up with things like “Come Together 1,” “Come Together 2” and “Come Together” in my music folder.  iTunes will show you duplicates, but with the true insanity of software like this, it will show you “Hallelujah” done by sixteen different people plus the Hallelujah Chorus and tell you they’re all duplicates.  And even if you tell it to take the real dupes out of the library, it won’t delete them from disk, so if you ever redo your library, there they all are again.

If I didn’t find messes like that so annoying, and if I could fit all 70 gigs onto my iPod, which I can’t, I might’ve ignored it, but it doesn’t work like that inside my brain.  I like things organized, so it was just a matter of time before I sat down and cleared those files by hand, looking at every last one of them to eliminate duplicates and remove things I didn’t want from the files so they’d never show up again.  It’s taken me close to a week to get through them all, but I’m down to just under 9000 cuts and 29 Gb, all of which will fit handily on my iPod.  What’s even better is that they won’t be strewn all over the place on the pod, but will be where they should be because as soon as iTunes finishes updating the new library, I’m going to categorize everything.

And this is how I avoid housework.  And writing.

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