She shops, she scores!

For those of you who don’t know (Read, those who didn’t suffer through my whining.) I had my living room painted last week.  I had it done professionally for a couple of reasons.  First, there was a lot of large and rather heavy furniture to be moved and while I’m still fairly strong for someone verging on Little-Old-Ladyhood I wasn’t up to that much butchness.  Second, there was a lot of minor damage to the walls which needed to be addressed.  Mostly this was cracks in the plaster from years of radiator heat drying the walls out.  I didn’t expect it to take a week, hence the whining.  But I have to admit that Wil did a beautiful job, and I’m very happy with it.  Here are a couple of early photos:










Neither picture quite does justice to the wall color, but it’s enough for you to get the idea. The day they finished, I had my new couch delivered from Pier One, and I got a terrific deal on it which covered tax plus the delivery charge,

plus about $20 off the price of the couch.  So I kind of figured that my shopping mojo had done its job.  But it had more treats in store for me this week.  First, I got my rewards certificates from Pier One, which gave me $80 in free money to spend in the store.  Then I arrived there on Customer Appreciation day and was told that if I charged my purchase, I’d get 10% off.  Well I figured I was paying with certificates, so that wouldn’t apply, and even if I went over my $80 I’d still only get the discount on the overage.  Well not so.  I got 10% off the whole purchase!  So I ended up with $100 worth of stuff for about $9.50.  Let me tell you, I was golden at Pier One yesterday!

I also did surprisingly well at Ikea.  I have one of their Expedit 1×5 shelving units attached to the wall on my sun porch.  I wanted to close off some of the stuff inside the shelves, and so decided to get some of the door inserts, but I wanted them in red.  I’d found them on the site last week, and they were $20 each, so I thought I’d have them delivered and be done with it.  Then I found that Glinda was willing to go to Ikea yesterday while we were out shopping, so I figured I’d just pick up the inserts then.  When I got there, I discovered that they were being discontinued in red, and the stock of about 10 or 12 units had been marked down to $15 each! Now no one could ever say that Ikea was overpriced to begin with so finding a bigger bargain there?  Like I said, golden.

Glinda and the bathtub full of coffee
Glinda drinks her coffee

We had a really nice day yesterday.  We started with breakfast at Wildberry out in Schaumberg, and it was very nice.  Then we hit Ikea and Dick Blick (We have to spray paint Buddha; he didn’t winter well.) and then came in and went to Lowes because Meester Jim had told us they had some very nice pergolas, which we’d been considering for the yard.  There was one we liked very much — more a pavilion than a pergola really — but it looked like it would overwhelm the yard visually, and be quite difficult to cover and uncover.  The smaller ones looked flimsy like they’d end up in our neighbor’s living room with a good gust of wind.  So we’re no further along on the pergola front, really  However I did manage to find a lot of things I’d been needing including nail-in chair slides for all my straight-backed chairs, and great prices on large bottles of Barkeeper’s Friend (One of the best sink scrubbing products available, mild enough to use on ceramic cooktops, and stain-removing without bleach.) and chunky boxes of baking soda for the fridge.  I kind of like Lowes.  they may not have quite the selection that Home Despot has, but it’s a pleasant place and the people are lovely and helpful.

We ended with supper at Pequod’s and our trip to Pier One.  Seriously, I love days like that.

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