Jesus wept

I want you to be aware of this story, to read it and understand what lurks behind that smiling, affable face of his. At a recent Christian supremacist conference he was captured on a live feed saying: “I almost wish that there would be, like, a simultaneous telecast, and all Americans would be forced–forced at gunpoint no less–to listen to every David Barton message, and I think our country would be better for it.” The video was edited later to remove that “joke” but it’s been captured and put on YouTube so that the people of this country can see Huckabee’s true colors.






So who is this David Barton?  He is the leading promoter of a brand of falsified American history altered to support the claim that America was founded as a Christian, rather than a secular, nation.  I’m serious when I say that this is a threat to all of us, Christians included because the kind of Christianity these people are pushing will know no dogma save their own narrow and fanciful interpretations.  Please watch the video and read the articles cited, and then, if you are as concerned as I am, pass this along.  This country needs to know what it’s facing if we allow men like Mike Huckabee to have any sort of power at all.




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2 thoughts on “Jesus wept

  1. I was planning on voting for Mike Huckabee if he ran. But I woke up, barely opened my eyes, in the morning to God saying to me almost in a stern tone about Huckabee, “If he is a minister he should be out preaching the gospel.”
    I then understood that God does not appreciate nor approve of anyone professing Christianity to be a politician.


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