Displaced and fantastically tired

Displaced and fantastically tired, originally uploaded by dargie.

I’ve been displaced to the sun porch (Note sun) while I listen to my living room be dismantled. The terrifying sounds are about the only think keeping me awake right now.

Charles and I went to Benny Moore around noon, and got a gallon of the teal, and a gallon of a slightly blued gray for the ceiling. The city came and pronounced our back yard rat burrow free, and Israel came and took my old sofa and a load of other stuff to sell or give to needy people, so things are coming along.

I got nearly no sleep last night so I’m feeling pretty fried. I don’t really have a place to sit or a TV to watch, but I’d prolly fall asleep if I did, so this is just as well. Early night tonight, I think.

Those rotten little squirrels seem to have eaten all our bulbs in front, but left most of the ones in the back. I guess the ones in front were riper. Little shitheads. Next year they’re getting sprinkled with cayenne. The bulbs, not the squirrels. And poor Buddha needs a paint job. Ah the work never ends, does it? But one of my mini roses is going to bloom under the new grow light so that’s a good thing.


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