I hurt

But it’s worth it.  I’m getting my living room painted tomorrow which means I spent most of the weekend moving furniture, books and tchotchkes.  What color is it going to be? you ask.  Please to look at the photo to the left.  It’s going to be a beautiful, gem-like teal.  My accent colors are warm colors from cranberry to orange.  And I’m finally moving my secretary from my bedroom to the living room because I need the desk space.  The secretary?  Here it is in my old place. I really need a makeover.

And yes, I do have a fondness for color.  My kitchen is “smoldering red” which is a deep, ever-so-slightly blued red (just enough to keep it from leaping off the wall and throttling my guests) and the dining room is going to be a deep violet.  Bedroom, French blue again because I love the way it looks at different times of the day, nearly purple at night, warm lavender blue in the morning and during the brightest part of the day it shows its true color.  I was going to paint the office the same green I had on my dining room walls at the old place, but it’s such a dark room that I think I’m going to go with an acid yellow because it’ll reflect light better than any other color I could use.  It’s my most hopeless room, filled with cast off furniture, my desktop, and the cheap, flowery curtains that were on the windows when I moved in along with filthy blinds because I have a bookcase up against the window.  I never open it, it’s only a few feet from a wall, and no air ever comes in.  It’s also directly over the furnace, consequently it’s the hottest room in the house.

I did, however, manage to cull almost six boxes of books, and have already given away about a box worth.  I have a sofa, a desk chair (maybe) and a pile of boxes and bags filled with stuff to go to the Salvation Army.  I also have a blistering sinus headache from all the dust.  Such fun!  But my new sofa will be here maybe this week, and the living room at least should look terrific.  Go me!


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