My shopping mojo is out of control!

Damn, I’m good today!  We’ve been talking about starting some seeds indoors, but after the last time I did that, and lost the use of my kitchen table for months, I didn’t really want to bother with that again.  However I was looking through a catalog the other day and I saw the perfect size stand to fit in a corner of my sun porch.  It’s got wheels so I can wheel it in front of the windows when no one is sitting there, and into the corner, when someone is.  It’s only 10×24, which makes it sort of teeny, but it was right for me, so I went to the site and found that it was on sale for $20 off.  Score, right?  Of course the shipping  was $13, but I googled for a coupon code and found one for an extra 20% off, which not only  covered the shipping but further discounted the cart.

I found a very well rated LED grow light fixture that can be hung from the underside of one of the shelves.  It was over on and surprisingly inexpensive for how well reviewed it was.  And it was Amazon Prime so no shipping costs.  Score again!

Then to Gardener’s Supply where I got a seed starting kit of the sort I’ve used before and really like, two each of the pepper and tomato grow bags because peppers should be grown apart from everything else to avoid being fertilized (Instead, push a whole lot of matches into the soil, it’s all they need.  A friend of Pam’s clued me into this and we got the BEST peppers last year.  I’m sold.) and tomatoes just take over everything if you grow them in your vegetable bed.  Also I got one salad grow bag, just to take the chance that we can raise a little lettuce this year.  And I found some bird feeders that hold fruit and suet balls/blocks and hang in trees.  They were on sale.  And I checked for a coupon code again and got free shipping on the whole order.

I should go look for a car tonight!


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