December again… already?

Mom and snow
Image by dargie via Flickr

Our first snowfall of the season arrived on December first showing, I think, an admirable tidiness of  planning.  I freely confess that I love snow and cold weather.  I love autumn and winter.  Though I often feel guilty saying so in front of anyone because it’s inevitable that someone will grumble at me about how much they hate it and how miserable winter really is and I’d understand if I had to commute in the cold and snow.  But see, the thing is that even when I did have to commute in miserable weather I loved it.

My mother, who hated being cold, always got excited by the first snow of winter.  She’d throw on her coat and boot and run out to enjoy it.  So when she couldn’t do that anymore, I’d go and scoop up a bowl of snow and bring it in for her to play with.  The photo at the left is her building a snowman in our kitchen.

I’ll never stop loving the winter.  I will probably just stop saying  I love it to save everyone the annoyance. At least I’m not alone.

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