Tomatoes, Zen Bees and Babies in Boxes

Tomatoes 9/26/10

So this weekend has flown by.  Yesterday Jim came by early with sweet rolls, so we sat on the sun porch and had them with coffee.  He wanted to go to American Science and Surplus, which we wanted to do, too.  Part of Halloween is finding strange things at AS&S.  Well… we found possibly the strangest thing yet:  Boxes filled with baby doll heads and torsos.  No arms or legs, mind.  Let me tell you, there was much hilarity involved in running up and down aisles to find the most obscene add-ons we could find for what we immediately dubbed “Tesla Baby on Wheels.”  The idea was to create something truly ghastly for a Halloween prop, but it’s grown well beyond that into a renewed enthusiasm for making dolls… though admittedly this is a new, uh, twist on my doll-making career.

Tesla Baby Genesis

The wrongness of this cannot be overstated.   I came up with the backstory this morning, and it’s delicious, but I want to work on the project some more before I discuss it with anyone but Glinda.

So, to change the subject: Pancakes.  That was what was for supper last night.  We went out with Karen who was footloose because Mr. Karen was out of town.  We went up to Walker Brothers because he won’t ever eat “breakfast for supper.”  There’s a reason why I call him “Mr. Poopyhead.”  After that we watched “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang” because Karen had never seen it.  She loved it.

And then today we went out and worked in the garden.  We’d gone to Meinke’s yesterday afternoon and picked up a big mum and some pumpkins for the front — which is looking pretty if a bit overwhelming — but the back badly needed our attention.  I ended up pruning back the tomatoes to a few main stems so that light could get to the fruit that was left and help it to ripen.  We picked herbs and peppers and tomatoes, and Linda brought us herbs and peppers, too, so we had stuffed peppers for supper with fresh tomato sauce.

While we were out there I took a lot of photos (Check my Flickr account if you want to see them.
Zen Bee

The one above is Zen Bee.  Either he was dying or napping, but he buzzed only very slightly, and mostly just hung on to the flowers and zoned out.  I can’t help but feel that if he wasn’t dying he was having one of those “Huh?  What?  I’m sorry, what was I  saying?” moments.  However that was great for me since I got some good photos of him.  There wasn’t a whole lot of hot bee-on-flower action this afternoon, which was odd because we usually have a bee convention going on over at the butterfly bush.  I guess it’s just getting too chilly out.

And indoors, too.  I’m actually quite cold and am about to knock off for the night to go read in the bath.  This weekend I’ve shopped, come up with an idea for a bizarre and possibly steampunk inspired figure, worked out the basic plotline for the third Nick and Davy novel, okayed the final edit on my story with Silver Publishing, created a new recipe, gardened and taken a raft of photos.  I think I deserve some down time with a book and some hot water.

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