Signs that I am not cut out to be a house painter

  1. There is apricot paint where the pink should be
  2. There is pink paint where the apricot should be
  3. There is black paint everywhere, including my hair
  4. I can’t use my bathtub until I finish the one wall and I don’t care.
  5. I wash the brushes in my bathroom sink
  6. The minute I hear the elotes cart I’m out the door with money in my hand for a mango (and it’s yummy, too!)
  7. I would rather stand there explaining (in bad Frencspangol) how similar French and Spanish are to the elotes lady who doesn’t give a damn than go back in and paint.
  8. I have convinced myself that watching Orson Welles and Loretta Young in “The Stranger” is far more important than having a finished bathroom.

And one sign that I either rock or spend way too much time reading:  I identified all three guys in this photo without even thinking about it.


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