Givin’ it up for charity

The Torquere Charity Sip Blitz is live with twenty-eight short stories all of which have a medical theme.  Why?  Because for a year all the royalties from these stories will benefit Medecins sans frontieres/Doctors without Borders.  In addition, Torquere will match all funds.  So it’s a deal, right?  You get great stories, and people in need around the world get medical attention that they might not otherwise have gotten.  And your donation is effectively doubled!  How much cooler could that be?

My sip is entitled “The Pavilion” and it’s a story that came out of a prompt fic I wrote for my last turn as guest blogger on the Torquere Happy Hour Live Journal. What started out as a particularly scary proposition has turned into something I’m really happy about.  It’s a story about how grief and guilt can overwhelm you on the loss of a loved one.  And it’s a story of getting past all that to find that you still have a good reason to live and to fall in love again.  Here’s a taste:

What Eliot hadn’t said, what he could never say, was that Clive’s death had shaken him to his core. Where he had previously had certainties, now all he had was questions, and that was a bad place to be if you were a doctor. It led you to second-guess everything.

He also had begun to second-guess everything about his emotional life which paralyzed him with fear if he even considered seeing anyone. He avoided his friends and found he could barely even stand to see his parents anymore because he saw the spectre of death in their faces. How had he ever had the hubris to think he could be a doctor? To think he could save anyone? He couldn’t even save himself.

Until he could regain his balance, not only as a doctor but as a person, he knew he couldn’t be good at either. So he was separating himself from his old life in hope that without any anchors, any safety nets, he would find his footing again. And if not… well it was a new world. He would survive.

So you’re all going to run out and buy a copy, aren’t you?   Yeah, I know you are.  Because it’s a good cause and a good story.  C’mon, people.  Give it up for charity.  I did. *g*


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