Yeah, kinda glad Tuesday is over.

It wasn’t bad, just occasionally more stressful than I’d have liked.  I hate being phoned by professional fundraisers but that’s how I started my day.  Then I made the worst pot of coffee ever and had to remake it.  Then I sat down to do some work and discovered that not only was my portable hard drive not working anymore (It’s an Iomega and it developed the notorious ‘click of death.’  No, it’s not a Jaz or Zip drive but it’s clicking and it’s dead.  You do the math.) I figured that maybe I could just power down and then back up and get the computer to recognize the drive since it was clear it knew something was attached to that USB port, but then I discovered that the drive was not only preventing a proper shutdown but it prevented a proper boot-up as well.

At that point I decided to go take a walk with Glinda.  It was that or start to fling computer peripherals about the room while uttering words that should not be said in the same space where photos of my family hang.

By the time I got back I was ready to face the Awful Truth:  The drive was dead and I had lost some information.  Not a lot, thank goodness.  I did an almost complete backup a few days ago.  Just enough to make me cuss a bit.  I opted for spending the afternoon moving data around and watching Young Victoria.  BTW, that’s a sweet film, much more interesting than I’d thought and far less dry than I feared.

Oh, and along the way I dropped my trackball and now the ball is missing.  I hate laptop touch pads.  I think I’ll go mad if I can’t find that ball tomorrow.

And then…  Yeah, I don’t know how to leave well enough alone.  I went up to Glinda’s to work on installing the router and signal booster.  Nearly two-and-a-half hours later I was thinking those bad words again.  Seriously, I did everything the instructions told me to do in exactly the order they indicated.  I’m not an idiot.  But finally, after repeated failures, I did the one thing that I hadn’t been told to do, the one thing that seemed absolutely wrong on the face of it, and guess what?  It worked.  I now can connect to the internet on my iPod while I’m out on my sun porch.  The thing is, it’s not the signal booster I’m connecting to, nor apparently the router.  It’s the signal coming from the modem.  It’s it’s just… bigger.  I’m getting five bars on my laptop in the living room where three was the norm.

So now, after ordering Thai food for supper, watching The Antonio Project and watching the Dalai Lama’s live webcast for today, I am really tired and a little headachy, so I’m off for the night.  I leave you with a question:  Why does Flickr have no option to batch export your pictures?


2 thoughts on “Yeah, kinda glad Tuesday is over.

  1. Oh my dear. Mama said there’d be days like this, there’d be days like this….Congratulations on counter intuitive router installation. Glad you made it without the language. Strong self control, that.


  2. What she said… but it’s the new moon and hence, the start of a new cycle to give you time to get all the problems solve. I know you can do it. You are woman. You are unique. You have forgotten more about computers than most of us ever knew.


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