We’re going into the tomato business.

Early autumn harvest Seriously.  Look at that pile of tomatoes and know that it represents just a portion of the tomatoes and potential tomatoes (like potential slayers,  I guess, but rather more flower-like) on one of our tomato plants.  We also harvested three kinds of pepper, Swiss chard, chives, basil, mint and sage.  But best of all, we picked some of our grapes!

So for lunch we made eggs scrambled with cream cheese, chives and an Italian grilling pepper, with fresh tomatoes and some tortilla chips on the side, and grapes for dessert.  I was going to fry up the chard with some garlic for supper tonight, along with gnocchi with pumpkin sauce and fried sage leaves, but we both want 1) something meaty and 2) dessert, neither of which we have in the house.  Considering the healthy quality of lunch, the minimal quality of breakfast (we split a baguette and a pot of coffee), I think we deserve to live it up a bit, don’t you?  (Anyone who says ‘no’ can just leave now.)

I have to say that everything is delicious, but the grapes are like a revelation.  I had no idea grapes could taste that good.  We’re still not certain what sort they are.  Glinda thought Concord, but they’re too red for that.  It’s possibly catawba.  That’s the one that makes the most sense based on size and color.

Lunch from the gardenAnd here:  Lunch.  Yum.

Glinda just came down.  We have food to order.  Later!


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