I mean to say

There’s a new book out entitled City Life and it was written by Jeannelle Ferreria.  She and her wife Nicole are friends, but even if I wasn’t about supporting friends in their endeavors I would still be enthusiastic about City Life.  It’s a rhyming picture book with illustrations by J. Cecelia Haytko, for toddlers on up to young children. It recounts a day in the life of a youngster with two moms.

It was written primarily because Jeannelle and Nicole were looking for more inclusive books to read to their daughter, but honestly I think it’d be a great book for any child, a way to open a dialog between parent and child about different types of families.

If you have a youngster who might enjoy this book, or know of one, or even think you might like to have it in your collection, I urge you to go buy a copy here:  http://booksforallfamilies.wordpress.com/city-life/ You’ll be helping to support a worthy idea, and some terrific folks.


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