I’m feeling extraordinarily cranky right now.

Me, about 1954
Me at age 2

See that adorable little girl?  That’s me in 1954; I was two.  My grandmother had only recently died and I guess one of the things my mom was determined to do was make up for lost time with me.  So I got the whole nine yards, the pretty dresses, the fancy hair stuff (I still have one of those little pink barrettes in my jewelry drawer.) and professional portrait photos.

Me and Mimi, probably late 1953.

That’s me with my grandmother.  It was probably only a few months before she died.  Sometimes I look at this photo and I think how much my mother looked like that in the last year or so of her life.  Seriously, it could almost be the same woman, fifty-three years apart.

Mom, January 2007

Why am I saying all this?  Well something just happened and I’m feeling really ratty about it.  That photo of me as a baby is one I’ve used a lot online.  I had posted it at Library Thing not too long ago, and today I logged on to find that it was gone, and there was a message that it had been flagged for — get this — copyright infringement.  No, I’m not kidding, someone actually had the nerve to just flag the photo without even bothering to message me and say “Hey, y’know that photo you’re using looks a lot like my mother/sister/daughter/someone I know and love, and I have some problems with that.  Do you have any provenance for it?”  At which I would have said “Really?  Wow, that’s odd, but then I seem to have doubles all over Chicago (she lives in Chicago) so maybe not so strange.  But I assure you it’s me, and here’s my Flickr family page where you can see a lot of other photos of me at various ages.  Hope that’s sufficient.”  But no, she just flagged the photo and when I asked her “What gives” I got back a terse little note that said “This is what gives” and a link to the copyright page of Library Thing.

Those of you who know me well will understand when I say that my next reaction was “FUCK YOU UP ONE SIDE AND DOWN THE OTHER YOU BITCH!”  Not that I said that in my reply.  That lady in the photo above raised me not to scream at people, and I do try to remember that even when I’m stressed.  Because I am stressed.  I’ve been feeling fairly down lately about missing Mom and Dad, and the weather has gotten to me, with all the aches and pains, and I am seriously not ready for some jerk to try to try to kick my memories out from underneath me like that.  So when I say that I did manage to keep myself from writing “Jesus Tap-dancing Christ on a rubber raft woman, couldn’t you have bothered to ask?” you should appreciate my restraint.

I’m still waiting for an explanation, but in the meantime I re-posted the baby picture and added a few more with snippy captions.  I’m good at snippy if nothing else.

And the crazy thing is that I was looking at her profile and I realized that if this hadn’t happened, we might have become friends.  We have a LOT in common.

Okay, and for those of you who know that I’m adopted, it hasn’t escaped me that this could well be someone who is part of my biological family, in which case the concern makes sense if not the high-handed manner of doing things.  Taz, remember what I said about Pandora?   Yeah.


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