I’m a writin’ fool

The Torquere hosting gig went well, I thought. I ended up doing a prompt fic which is good enough that I’m working it into a story for a charity anthology. The first year’s royalties go to Doctors Without Borders, an organization of which I heartily approve, so I’m feeling good about giving something back. I’ve been fortunate, after all.

I’ve done the edits on “By the Waters of Paradise,” and am waiting for the second round. Also waiting on word about two stories I have out there as submissions, a new Micah Darcy at Torquere and an anthology submission at Ravenous Romance.

“Cherry on Top,” the anthology that contains my story “The Bad Boyfriend Club and How I Left It” is being well-received, and I actually got a nice mention in a review the other day. So go me! I also withdrew “Waiting for the Moon” from Harlequin, and sent it to Silver Publishing. They got back to me within a day or two to say they wanted it and I’ve signed the contract and done the marketing stuff for it. The projected release date on that is November 6th.

And Karen got “Suffer the Little Children” back to me on Saturday night, I went through it last night, and have spent the afternoon making final changes before submission. It’s very exciting. It’ll be the first novel I’ve submitted anywhere.

Oh and I just threw together an apricot-blueberry tart. In, y’know, all that spare time I have.

Sometime tonight, I’ll be folding laundry. Yes, my life is one mad whirl of pleasure.


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