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This morning I was roused out of a sound sleep by the UPS guy ringing my bell, and as I stumbled towards the intercom to say “Hanh?” I realized I’d been having a dream about watching gay porn in which there were stealth Elizabethans. I dreamed that I said to Dawn, who was also watching, “Hey, there are Elizabethans hiding in this thing!” and when we checked the cover of the DVD — which was cartoons instead of photos — down in the corner was a little tiny Elizabethan guy with a word balloon that said “Thyne hands, oh thyne hands!”

So I told Dawn about it.

Dawn: How did you know they were Elizabethans? By the ruffs?
Me: *makes an Elizabethan ruff gesture* Ruffs and nothing else.
Dawn: Like little garden stakes.
Me: So instead of reading what’s planted, they could tell us.
Dawn: “Prithee, madame, what may’st I do for thee today? What information shall I impart, forsooth?”
Me: “We calle these ‘love apples’ but you do calle them ‘tomatoes.’ I know not why.”
Dawn: Your brain is so strange.

True that, but at least the extra weight got taken off of it yesterday.  I finally went and got a haircut.  Yes, I really needed one.  Dawn was so tired of me complaining about it that she had started threatening me with scissors and a bowl.  So I walked up to a local salon and we worked at it until I got the ‘bed-head is my friend’ look I wanted.  Dawn’s comment on seeing it?  “Thank God, now you’ll stop whining.”

When I was walking back I stopped at the Romanian deli up the street from us because I was hoping they’d have milk.  I was out and I wanted iced coffee.  Alas they didn’t, but I did pick up a couple of things, and as I was checking out, the owner said “Do you have a grill?”  I said we did and she said she wanted me to try something.  She gave me a package of six sausages and told me how to fix them, so Dawn and I barbecued last night, and I have to tell you they were very good sausages.  Very garlicky and spicy.  They stayed stubbornly red inside in spite of having no preservatives but when we tasted them we decided it had to be paprika.  We definitely want to go back there and try other things now.

We also did the naan on the grill thing and again it was amazingly good.  We made a piece each with the sausages, and when I made a slap-up package of spiced pineapple for the grill, we did two more.   We had a glass of wine each left in the bottle and just enough fizzy water to get us through the meal.  We also passed sausages and pineapple across the fence to the Rain-Bringer and his family, so maybe they’ll go up and try some of the stuff at the deli, too.  Then we turned on the lights, made a bit of iced coffee with what was left of Dawn’s milk, sat back and enjoyed the heck out of the garden until well past 10.

Unfortunately yesterday I missed Charles who called to say “Put your hair on, put your teeth in and let’s go to Dairy Queen!”  So I’m hoping he’ll be around today because I could murder some ice cream.  We had elotes yesterday afternoon (And seriously, if you’d told me 20 years ago that I’d be eating corn with mayo, margarine, cheese and hot pepper, I’d have told you that you’d gone off the rails.  I think there’s crack in this stuff.)  but we let Mr. Montoya go by without buying ice cream last night.  It’s so weird, around here it’s all adults who chase Mr. Montoya down the street.  Yesterday when I went out to get cones for Dawn (who was in her jammies, and hovered at the front door) and myself, I ran into Hoovie from next door and we both giggled a little.  When we got to the truck there were a bunch of adults hovering around it, clutching their money.  All of which sort of segued into a long discussion with Carlos Jr. about street food wherein Dawn told him about Flirty Cupcakes which sort of made his eyes light up.

I’m about 2000 words into a new story inspired by watching the world cup, and I have a nice, clean print copy of “Suffer the Little Children” to pore over in preparation for doing the (I hope) last edit before I start sending it around.

Right now?  Breakfast.  God I wish I had some milk…  Dawn’s gone to Target but she won’t be back any time soon.


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