Iced coffee at the Villa

I did manage to find half of one of those little aseptic packages of milk, which amounted to 4 oz or less, and I made myself iced coffee for breakfast which I was finishing when Dawn got home with a half gallon of milk from  Target, and a couple of packets of Chessmen, so we hied ourselves outside for iced-coffee-and.  We spent most of the day out there, too, doing some yard work, nearly drowning the purple rose and generally amusing Rain-Bringer with a bit of bawdy-ladies-next-door humor.

We did end up spending a couple of hours indoors waiting for Peapod and for our supper which we ordered from a (new to us) barbecue spot up near Northwest Highway and Bryn Mawr.  I have to say that the barbecue was very good.  The pulled pork and brisket sandwiches were just heaven, and the ribs were good but not the kind I like (A little chewy instead of the fall-off-the-bone type that I favor.)  The sides were very good, too, so we ate indoors and watched Lewis Black, then went back out with some fizzy water because by that time we’d snarfed up all the coffee and made a good dent in the milk she’d bought.

So this is the kind of neighborhood we live in:  We’re sitting in our garden and neighbors from two doors down stopped by to sit and talk, and invite us to their cook-out on Monday.  He’s in his 90s, she’s about our age, and they have a little old dog who barks a lot and wants to make both Dawn and myself his girlfriends, if you get my drift.  We call him “Barkin’ Bernie.”  So they hang out for a while and John tells us about how he was in the medevac corps at Guadalcanal even though he could barely speak English at the time.  And his daughter invited us along to the fireworks display they were going to on Sunday night, and Bernie tried to hump our legs.

Then they left and Rain-Bringer gave us about half a pizza left over from their supper, and he and Mrs. Rain-Bringer wished us a good night because we’re crazy kids and stay up past, oh like nine o’clock.  So while we’re sitting there talking about what nice neighbors we have, we hear the back gate open and suddenly Dawn says “There’s someone in our garden.”  And I, who am facing in the other direction, think she’s talking about someone we know so I say “Someone we know?”  and she says “No.”  When I turn to look there’s this kid of about 11 or 12 crawling down the sidewalk.  He says “Sorry.” gets up and runs out the front gate.

But the way we figure it is the folks three doors west of us are having a huge birthday bash and the kids are getting everywhere and shrieking like someone is setting them on fire, which as Dawn says is the Birthday Suttee, a custom that never quite caught on in this country.  I brandished the barbecue lighter and said if anyone else crawled through I’d set them on fire, too.  But it wasn’t that big a deal except that he wasn’t all that old and the kids shouldn’t have been that far from home at 10:30 at night in our opinions.

Still, at least he came into a yard where no one would hurt him.  Except maybe to chase him with a barbecue lighter.

Yes, it’s been an interesting day.  But we haz pizza!


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