Surprise car shopping and other oddities of my life

So today, Charles phoned me about 9:30 and said he was coming over to get all the equipment out of my garage (construction stuff, left over from all the work they were doing the last couple of weeks.) and was I up yet? I told him I would be in about half an hour and sure enough, he showed up about ten, and said “Let’s go.” I said “Uh… where?” He said “To look at your car.” He’d found a Volvo wagon on Saturday and wanted to take me to see it.

So here it is in it’s 10+ y.o. glory.  And I have to say that the CarFax report looks pretty good.  As soon as we can arrange it we’re going to take it for a test drive and a check-up, and then I’ll decide yea or nay.

We went to Cafe Selmarie for lunch, and while it was good, it wasn’t as great as usual.  They’ve changed their chili recipe, and now it’s more like soup than chili.  But I bought a box of cookies because both Dawn and I have been having dessert emergencies lately.  He never did get the equipment out of the garage, but said he’d be back tomorrow and wants to go up to Meinke’s to see what it’s like.  Apparently he’s gotten inspired by our garden and wants to do some work in his.  I expect his wife will be thrilled.

Last night I sat down and painted the little garden table, then glued down the tiles and piece of glass in the pattern I’d worked out over the weekend.  Yes, I know it looks simple, but sometimes those are the most difficult designs of all.  The photo above is the best one I’ve taken of the Van Gogh glass, and it actually does justice to the square tiles and the Susan Jablon tiles, which are twice the height of the others.  That’s why I edged the table with them.  Makes a nice rim to keep things from rolling off.  The tiles look so good against the pearly pink background that I don’t think I’m going to grout unless the surface gets really filthy.  It’s a delicate-looking table.  Tonight I’m going to paint the underside and give a second coat to the edges, and then it’s out to the garden it goes!  My next mosaic project will probably be the big, faux granite pot.  And then the board covering the window on the back of the house.  That’s going to be pique assiette mosaic because I love that technique.

I belong to a vintage photo community on Live Journal, and for the last couple of days someone has been posting photos of Grandma Moses there.  I have a great fondness for her, not so much for her art, but because when I was small, my father would tell me what he called “Grandma Moses stories.”  I don’t remember any of them, and I have no idea how he started telling them to me, but they were my bedtime stories for years.  I’d beg for a new Grandma Moses story, and he’d just make them up as he went along.  It’s not a quality I normally associate with my father, whose flights of fancy were rare, but it’s one of those memories that makes me smile.  I wish I could ask him what the inspiration was, or if he remembers any of the stories (I doubt he would have.)

I got my edit for the story I have in Torquere’s “Cherry on Top” anthology, so that’s done.  But I need to get back to the novel I’m working on.  I promised myself 2000 words a day, two days ago, and so far I’ve done about 1500 total.  Not the best track record so far.  But surprise car shopping and cookies have trumped writing for this afternoon at least.  Maybe tonight…


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