Cold, hot, cold, hot… it’s like freakin’ menopause out there.

The temperature dropped about 25 degrees between the onion rings and the cannoli.  I am mightily glad we decided to go out for supper with Mr & Mrs Karen rather than planning a cook-out.  Though the rain this afternoon would have put paid to the idea in any event.  We were at Lowe’s looking for plain old terra cotta pots when the sky opened up, and  everyone hovered around the checkout counter saying “Take your time,” to the checker.  Then it stopped.  Then we got back and it started again, and stopped, and… holy crap what a week for weather.

Anyway, we got a lot done today.  Charles stopped by early so I could pay him, and I took him upstairs to see Dawn’s dining room.  “Why do you ever doubt me?” I asked him.  He laughed and said he shouldn’t, and I agreed.  He thought the room looked terrific.  If it will just hold together now…

This is what the wall treatment looks like.  Unfortunately the colors are kind of washed out, but that’s because I had to use a flash or everything would go gold.  The blue is far more intense than it looks and darker, and the walls are generally darker, and more detailed than they seem here.

After he left, Dawn, Jim and I went to brunch and thence to Dick Blick out in Schaumberg and went all gooey over the art supplies.  I got a couple of bottles of interference violet to add to the paint for my bedroom, and a glass cutter because I’ve decided that I can’t leave the Van Gogh glass in one piece and make anything reasonable out of it.  Dawn got copper and gold paint to finish the dining room details, and we found some purple Krylon which we’re probably going to use on a bunch of things in the garden.

Then we hit Meinke’s, a garden center we found last fall, and really liked.  We picked up a load of perfectly beautiful plants for very little money, and brought them home only to discover that the pots don’t work in our pot holders.  So back out we went to pick up terra cotta pots which I knew would work.  Unfortunately they didn’t have them at Target, though we did end up buying some garden things including a small gnome which, in honor of le Front pour la Libération des Nains de Jardin, has a walking stick.  He is free to come and go as he pleases, but we want him to understand that he will always have a home with us, in a safe and secure environment, should he choose to accept it.  It’s better than sitting on a store shelf, trapped in plastic.  We’ve named him Frodo, pending any announcement by the gnome himself, as to his true name.  Then we dropped a bag of food off at Petco for their food drive.  Finally we found the pots at Lowe’s just before the deluge, and headed home.

And last of all, because I’m really tired now, here’s a photo of my new chair.  I think I mentioned that I’d taken it in trade for some dining room furniture I’d sold to Anna, and she did the work to raise it to dining chair height for free because I’d been nice about the debt.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I can hardly wait to start putting the room together.  Of course I have to clear it first and then get a table, but I’m on my way.

And now I really need some sleep.  We’re going to work on the trim tomorrow, and get some plants in pots and in the ground.  I’m hoping to string some lights and paint a bit outside, but much depends on the weather.


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